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Restoring my faith in music

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew Backed Out On The… featuring J. Mascis (and an appearance by Barlow and Murph)

There’s just something about two distinct musical worlds of mine crashing together so seamlessly. Dinosaur Jr., Grandfathers of East coast grunge and fuzz core finding inspiration and new life in Kevin Drew and Broken Social Scene. I couldn’t be happier that this collaboration took place. When Kevin’s album came out in September, I remember losing my shit a little when I heard J’s unmistakable playing on the 11th track. Seeing as I had purchased a digital copy (I’d told myself not to make a habit of that), I had no idea that Mascis made an appearance. I really miss being glued to the CD liner notes for the first couple of listens. Add that to the long list of IPod downfalls.

Let’s back up. It’s November of last year. My bro Marty and I procured ourselves some tickets to the Get Him Eat Him/Do Make Say Think/Broken Social Scene show at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel here in Providence. I wanted to leave after DMST, only because, I realized that the show couldn’t possibly go anywhere but SOUTH from that point. I was beside myself after seeing the first two bands. Well, BSS didn’t disappoint in the LEAST. And, to boot, a long haired, gray troll strolled out on stage mid -set. Not being a Noob, I knew exactly who he was and what was going to be going down (answer: Awesomeness was going to be going down).

Without interruption, Mascis led the band (um, 15 of them) into ‘The Wagon’ for Dino Jr.’s 1991 Green Mind LP. Um, is that my favorite DJ track of all time? Check. all of this just merely set me up for Kevin Drew’s album, friends. And now we have a lovely video courtesy of Arts & Crafts. Enjoy, Restore your own faith in music…

From Arts & Crafts:

This song was recorded with Joules Scott Key of Metric and Bang Lime on drums and J Mascis and Kevin Drew on guitar and vocals. The video happened last minute after a Dinosaur Jr show in Toronto where J, Lou, and Murph all came to the shoot to hang out. John Caffery from ‘Kids on TV’ was hired to come and dance his ASS off and a spontaneous party was put into effect.
There were seven mirrors, one disco ball, four lights, one bottle of rum, three bottles of tequila, 62 beers, four crew, and 17 people. It got put together on the day of the shoot and became the party of the year.
It cost three thousand dollars to make…
It was priceless.

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