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New Music Alert: The Cave Singers – ‘Seeds Of Night’


Once again, another track that has latched on to me and I can’t seem to shake it. Like an ugly dog that your parents gave you because they thought that you could use some responsibility in life but all you really wanted was pizza and some beer. Wow, anyway, Seattle’s The Cave Singers consist of, I don’t know, some people I assume. They probably play instruments. Can you tell that Jameson’s tired today??

The track that I’m going to preview for you, ‘Seeds Of Night’ echoes Rumors-era Fleetwood Mac, and while we’re talking 70’s power pop, I’m hearing the Mama’s and the Papa’s and some Grace Slick, too. And that’s not a bad thing, kids. If a stranger offers you some Fleetwood Mac Candy, you better take it!

The Cave Singers bring us Classic Americana roots music that reverberates some of the earliest of last century’s musical pioneers while still flourishing with a modern touch. Doesn’t sound dated, or revivalist. A plus in my book. In the same way that Midlake are able to do a similar sort of halcyon transcendence with their craft. (btw, you should seriously already own Midlake’s Van Occupanther)

Anyway, thanks to KCRW for showcasing this track. I would have missed it. I give you The Cave Singers – Seeds of Night:

The Cave Singers – Seeds Of Night

The Cave Singers new album, Invitation Songs is available now thru Matador Records.

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