Too Drunk To Dream

…ain’t no drinking when the bottle’s dry…

I flirted, and I won.

That’s right, I flirt, and I win…and it was so easy, too. I couldn’t believe how amazingly simple it was to make her give me exactly what I wanted. And you KNOW what I wanted. And if you were thinking “Is he talking about a Flying Dog keychain?”, then you, my friend, were exactly right.

I went to Nikki’s Liquors tonight, after hitting the gym. I had some fresh veggies in hand for a kick ass dinner, and all I needed was some liquid refreshments to make my night complete. I was in the mood for some tasty malted barley beverages, so I stopped at Nikki’s, where I’ve been grabbing my mix-a-six craft beer six packs recently (see some of the previous blog posts ’bout dat).

I scanned their coolers and grabbed some Long Trail Hibernator,and, in anticipation of the winter lager’s tastiness, couldn’t hardly wait to wash my dinner down. I headed up to the register. Now, I don’t know this girls name, but I feel like I know her. Simply because she’s the bane of my existence. I can’t get her to open up to me. You see, she’s part owner of the shop, and really really knows her shit, about beer, wine, everything. My dream girl. The problem is, I always try to make simple conversation with her and she always kind of brushes it off, hands me my slip, and that’s it. Now, let’s get this out in the open: I’m not particularly looking for romance here or anything, Leslie Feist aside. I’m happily engaged, and in love. But I’m just looking for a freakin smile or something.

So, I’ve got my 6-pack and I lay it on the counter and hand her my card….and I notice the little doodad sitting haphazardly on the counter. With all of the Flying Dog brews I’ve been drinking recently, you’d think their brewmaster in Colorado would have sent me a thank you note, for financing his kids private schooling or something. I digress. So I open the convo…

me: “Damn, that’s a nice keychain. Flying Dog, huh?”

her: “Yeah”

me: “You must get all the cool stuff, Next time, you gotta save me one of those…

her: smiles finally for the first time in the two months I’ve been living here

“You can have THAT one if you want, silly!”

me: “That’s what I really wanted. Thank you….”

I am such a playa. And by playa I mean really big dork.

Beer was tasty, food was good. Keychain=sweet.

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