Too Drunk To Dream

…ain’t no drinking when the bottle’s dry…

And on a seven day high, that heavenly song punches right through my mind

Okkervil River is definitely a band that is on my top ten list of 2007. Lead singer Wil Sheff is far better than good. He does a pretty good job of making me want to stop making music. Their 2007 release The Stage Names [Jagjaguwar], has garnered and demanded my full attention since it’s release in October.

[Pause: Ugh, Jameson has a hangover right now, can you tell. What’s not very apparent is how I’m just mashing my paws against my keyboard and letting my Firefox browser point out what I’m typing wrong (apparently it’s everything). There’s an utter lack of creativity to this post. And, I’ve referred to myself in the third person. This is gonna be an interesting morning.]

So I’m gonna go treat this hangover with some H20 and a coffee, while you all enjoy Okkervil River playing at Waterloo Records this summer. Just remember, it doesn’t even get me out of bed in the morning, unless it’s kicks, man.

Okkervil River -Unless It Kicks.mp3

“And on a seven day high
That heavenly song
Punches right through my mind
And pumps through my blood”

“What breaks this heart the most is the ghost of some rock and roll fan
Exploding up from the stands
With her heart opened up
And I want to tell her, “your love isn’t lost”
Say, “my heart is still crossed”
Scream, “you’re so wonderful”
What a dream in the dark
About working so hard
About growing so stoned
Trying not to turn up
Trying not to believe in the light”

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December 15, 2007 - Posted by | okkervil river

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