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My Friday Evening Jacket pt. 1

So here I am. Monday night. Not quite fully recovered from this weekend of weekends, but loving every minute of it. This entry will be “part 1”. Ben Folds and Ryan Adams to follow.

My fiance, Jess, and I finally got around to planning a trip from Providence to Philly, to visit my kid sister. Of course, being the music junkie that I am, I built the weekend trip around some pretty good music. My Morning Jacket were playing at Festival Pier Friday night, so, sensing my desire to go, my sister bought 3 tickets for my birthday. We all got to go. Let me tell you….She, my friends, is awesome. Best present ever. Getting to the show, well….another situation altogether. Oh and another awesome thing about the show was that I was gonna get to share it with the legendary LizzieGreenEyes.

Left Providence on Friday at noon, and arrived in North Wales, PA at 6:30. We had just enough time to say hi to my sister and take a look at her new condo, before we were out the door and on the road once again, for the drive into Philly. And it became immediately clear that traffic wasn’t gonna be very kind. It took about an hour for us to get to the venue. We found a great parking spot, however, and at 7:45……..we walked into the venue as MMJ were walking on stage for a set that would last for nearly 3 hours.

Moggers know where to find each other….and Lizzie let it be known that she and Deb were camping out by the shortest beer line. Of course, I found them before the first tune was even over! And let me tell you, there’s no better remedy for road-weary bones than to dance off the cobwebs with Lizzie, a couple of Miller Lites and Jim James’ unreal growl . Three hours of bliss. Even a little bit of T.S. Hanna couldn’t put a damper on the 4,500 people gathered to witness one of the most electric and energetic of indie rock bands of all time. And all the talk about Moggers, beers, bands, and…of course…The Swell Season got me in just the right mood for some afterbeers at Johnny Brenda’s, the perfect dive bar for a fella in a grateful dead shirt and a gal in a Vote Green T! And I will admit, Lizzie, that guitarist is the male equivalent of Jenny Lewis. He’s pretty damn hot…I’ll give you that. And he plays sax. Damn. That’s what gets the ladies….

My Morning Jacket – 9/05/08 Festival Pier, Philly, PA FM Soundboard

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