Too Drunk To Dream

…ain’t no drinking when the bottle’s dry…

ok…can’t resist double posting some new Ryan Adams shizz

Love him or hate him, the man’s hard to figure out. He’s blogging one day, and the next, he’s gone….erased, vanished. I then turn around and he’s got a Youtube channel and he’s videoblogging like Shakespeare if Shakespeare was running around in nothing but tubesocks. But then wait… I take a deep breath…and that page is erased too. And then there’s the blog again. But the blog stops and a Vimeo page starts up. Then the blog again, then the webpage…..yeesh.

But today, Ryan made a string of great blogs and he partially released a track off of the new Cardinals album Cardinology, called “Fix It” check it out on the red dot. NOT BAD, RYAN!

Here’s an excerpt from today’s blogging up at

talk about cryptic!!!!


hey, because i love being a CARDINAL and because, of of respect of everyone we worked with in the last few years here, I just want to say thank you.

That boxed set- man, it just wasn’t right for me right now. I am SO invested in being in the CARDINALS. and I just want to say this right now, so people understand, the hardcore CARDINALS fans out there,

I write music now to play with my 4 best pals. I just consider myself a little idea machine for that band, and I am JUST A MEMBER OF THAT BAND no matter how a record is titled- really. And I’ll get back to making solo records here eventually. The next one is going to (if it is ever made) be a reverse HEARTBREAKER. in fact, i am going to have that word blocked out on my arm and make a record to tell someone how much I love them. I think that might be the most badass solo thing ever.

MEANWHILE, trust me, when you get yr new record, it’s full of 100 percent democracy- tunes chosen by the band, arrangements we all worked on, we trusted our AWESOME beyond belief management to help us choose everything from tracks to working hard at making a cover that was truly representational of, well, the CARDINALS taking flight.

because if i had it my way, there would be no need for my name to belong before that wonderful band, and when we play any tune I wrote it becomes a VERSION, even for me.

this saved my musical soul and my musical heart. and it did some good work for me on the inside too.

The Electric Rose Logo is still our logo by the way. the Cardinal Peace Arms was a way of expressing what this record meant to us all (speaking if I may on behalf of the guy’s) as I think that learning curve took effect.

And now we are a band. for real and in heart and mind.

and our next steps, they will be those big one’s i think. i can see us shacked up someplace next year making songs directly from riffs, trading verses-

and i took as much direction as I could from Neal on this record. We really figured out our flow vocally and guitar wise. I am so beyond in love with his voice and playing that my word, you know, when he and I would exchange notes about the OASIS shows, learning a toughness and a quickness (bad-brains ref- ed) from playing with them, i think we kind of knew we entered finally into our graduate year here at CARDINAL ROCK HIGH.

and Tom Schick, and Noah- they brought it all home for us with bossman and crew looking right down over us.

It feels great right now in the nest and I tell you what,


P.S. Big Shout out to OUR AMAZING ROAD TEAM And our eye in the sky (J.C at the H.Q.)- the work and over-sight into our new stage design is gonna blow minds and be fun as hell.

We might even be half as afraid as last time to open for those giant amazing bad-asses OASIS come the winter.

Sweet Early Fall Dream to you all.

And foggy, I made you a song.





so today we celebrate the release of our first single.

first of all, i am sorry my name is listed “and The Cardinals”. I tried everything and it was not accepted.

that being said we worked equally and in a world of compromise, we worked together, all us Cardinals on what is my favorite record I have ever made, or been a part of.

Jons voice, Neals voice, SWolfs and Brads are all there-

and it was a rough and tumble fun two weeks live on the floor.

we barely spit polished the rims we were already engine-revved from touring.

so with love and madness

CARDINOLOGY is to be researched this year.

I am not doing anything solo for awhile as I kinda want to start a band with my new friend, but she is a better guitar soloist than I (like if Greg Ginn made you feel funny in your jeans) YAY

PS- had to make the SChunk thing a tease. its not time. but something SOMETHING is going on over there at merge.


today i signed a piece of paper which says CARDINALS ARE FREE TO BE CARDINALS!!!!


the day does change and tomorrow does come.

p.s. i dont blog here.

p.s. i got married to happiness and music.

it was low key affair.

music wore a chord-aroy dress happiness just smiled.





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