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Can we discuss the band Shearwater?

I’m completely on the fence regarding the Austin, TX band Shearwater. Maybe I just need some like-minded junkies’ opinions on the matter. While I find the haunting, reflecting music of Jonathan Meiburg to be brilliant and hypnotic, I can’t say that I’m in love with the vocals. In the last year or so, my eyes and ears have run across countless industry people who fawn over this group, and I’ve tried so hard, keeping an open yet judgmental mind. I’m just not falling in love like I expected. I mean, I’ve fallen for Okkervil River (that was an easy sell) and since Shearwater is directly descended from the band, I expected an easy sell as well.

09 – Shearwater – The Snow Leopard.mp3 from ‘Rook’

02 – Shearwater – Rooks.mp3 from ‘Rook’

05 – Seventy-Four, Seventy-Five.mp3 from ‘Palo Santo’

06 – All The Pretty Horses.mp3 from ‘Sham Wedding/Hoax Funeral’

10 – Hail, Mary.mp3 from ‘Palo Santo’
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Tell me what you think?? Positive, negative…..hey, I’m an optimist (really?…no way) so sell me either way. ideally, the reason I am still on the fence is because I like them….mostly.

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