Too Drunk To Dream

…ain’t no drinking when the bottle’s dry…

Today’s JAM! Dead rock the Nile 1978-style

Even though I’ve had most of the Dead’s 4-night run in Egypt on bootleg for ages, I couldn’t pass up a new live release like this. Compiled from the 1978 shows played at the base of the Sphinx, the music has never sounded better. All the more reason for going out and buying a hard copy of it. Gone are the tape warbles, and if the boys were concerned that their performance was lackluster, then rest assured it doesn’t show on this set….

Grateful Dead
Rocking the Cradle: Egypt 1978 (2CD/1 DVD Set)
Purchase from Amazon

Here, you’ll find Ollin Arageed, a traditional Egyptian song adapted and performed by Hamza Al Din with the Dead and a number of local precussionists and musicians.

Hit the play button, then go and seek out the whole compilation. It’s so worth it.

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