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The "LOST" showdown: vote for your favorite moments

Ok, just one more little LOST post for today… hope no one minds…

Going to is a mixed blessing. They’ve got a really nice set-up, no doubt, but damn things are loud over there…. and auto-play is not very work friendly, people! But there is one really cool meme over there at the moment. Like March Madness, your favorite scenes from the first 4 seasons go head to head…. vote for which moments you would like to win….and the winners will face off against each other in the coming weeks. But hurry up. The 2nd round ends today.

Enter the LOST Showdown

So this is how I voted (and why):

Season 1 bracket: The Crash vs. Opening the Hatch

Opening the Hatch. What a great way to end the first season, with that clip. It’s so frightening how the camera just sinks down the hole and we had to wait to see what the hizz-ell was down there….damn foreshadowing!

Season 2 bracket: The Swan Station Map vs. Desmond Turns The Key

Desmond Turns The Key. All the way. Locke defies the orders of the dharma Initiative to keep entering in the numbers…. and the Island responds…. “Henry Gale” looks really really worried.

Season 3 bracket: We Have To Go Back vs. Charlie’s Sacrifice

Begrudgingly…. We Have To Go Back. The “Flash Forward” that ended the season caused every one of us to gasp in horror knowing that there was gonna be a LOT more in store than we bargained for. This whole island thing doesn’t just end with a rescue….

Season 4 bracket: Desmond’s Call vs. Ben Moves The Island

HANDS DOWN it’s Desmond’s Call. Not to belittle the whole Island moving thing, but the episode dubbed “The Constant” was one of the best pieces of filmmaking I’ve seen in a long time, and the call was the pinnacle of it. I need to go back and watch that episode again.

further :

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