Too Drunk To Dream

…ain’t no drinking when the bottle’s dry…

I’m sorry I haven’t posted today, it’s because I’m fucking tired. I had a day.

I knew that I was going to be working today. Despite the weather warnings, I had two clients that needed my services, or they’d be in violation with the state. So, I worked all day, which requires me to be driving from client to client, and on days like today, driving in the goddamn snow. Whatever. That doesn’t matter. What matters is, the lab was not prepared for the type of sample that I needed to take due to a malfunctioning autoclave, which contributed to my ass-long day. I have crappy bottles that were sterilized 6 months ago, and they’re so big, they don’t fit in my cooler. Furthermore, I’m wondering if this malfunctioning autoclave is the fucking reason why I need to do these samples in the first place….

After my work day was done, I hit the gym. I worked my fuggin ass off. Weights, running, core….tiring. When I got out of the gym, the 6 inches of snow had given way to a heavy cold rain…and there was a steady 4 inches of rain and slush between the front door of the gym and my vehicle- on top of the snow-now slush. I truck it to my car.

A third of the way home, my p.o.s. car stalls out, due to the thick moisture in the air and the standing water that is EVERYWHERE on the roads. I pull over my coasting car to the side of the road and roll halfway into the entrance of a hot dog place. Halfway. My car will not start back up. I decide to be all McGuyver and shit and spray my distributor cap with WD-40 so I pop the trunk, pop the hood and get out of my car….into 6 inches of flowing runoff. Great. Freezing cold slush water ruining my fucking Steve Maddens. Whatever. I get my car running after spraying the cap, and I can’t see out of the windshield. It’s heavily fogged up. Whatever. I pull into the hot dog place completely and sit there for a half hour, while my windows de-fog and my engine dries up.

After 15 minutes, I chance my engine and brave the weather. I drive a quarter of a mile before my engine stalls again. I quickly turn into a driveway of someone’s duplex. 20 minutes later, my car is started, warmed up and ready to go. This time I get a hundred yards before I can coast into the local Sunoco station. I sat there for an hour before I decided to go at it once more. Long story short, This time I got home, about two miles, and just in time to eat dinner, chat with a dear friend, and plop down for an hour long helping of “Lost”. It’s nights like these that wine was invented for.

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January 29, 2009 - Posted by | ghost of electricity, jameson, lost, Providence Rhode Island, toodrunktodream

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