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Ryan Adams – Extra Cheese [Ghost Of Electricity Alternate Mix]

Today be a Ryan Adams day. To truly make it a Ryan Adams day, I am going to recreate, to the best of my ability, Ryan’s upcoming Extra Cheese EP (using key alternate takes and choice live tracks).

K here goes….

Extra Cheese – Ghost of Electricity Alternate Mix

1. Two – Live in Boston, MA 9/7/2008

2. Blossom – Live in Morgantown, WV 5/17/2007

3. Answering Bell – Live in Jamaica 08/2002

4. Evergreen – Live in Southampton, England 11/22/2008

5. My Love For You Is Real – from the Cowboy Technical Sessions

6. Desire – from the unreleased album 48 Hours

7. Hey There, Mrs. Lovely – Live at the Tressel Tavern, Seattle 9/9/2000

Zip file [17 mb]

No one’s really sure what the EP will truly bring, just yet, but my hopes are for some alternate takes, unheard sessions and key live tracks…sorta what I culled here. It’s not much, and the Lost Highway camp isn’t rolling out the red carpet or anything, but any little bit of new music would be truly welcomed…. and at $3.99, that might just be worth it.

later, TDTD


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In defense of Shepard Fairey, the ‘HOPE’ artist.

OK, I’m not artistic genius or anything, but did anyone think that Shepard Fairey drew his now-iconic poster of Obama by memory or something?  Oh, no, wait, he sat Barack down and painted a portrait. Yeah. That must have been it….

Well, in another sign of the impending apocalypse, the Associated Press is now suing the collage artist for images that he may have used to model his Obama “Hope” poster.  Grow up AP.  Grow up.

Full Story:

AP accuses ‘Hope’ artist of copyright infringement

In other news..small time blogger gets in hot water for linking to USA Today.

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Project Playlist in effect: Public Enemy Edition…yeah, boyyyeeee

Project Playlist is in full gear!  I’ve been listening….and listening.  If you recall, I’ve pledged to listen to the 6,400 tracks on my iPod that have gone unlistened to in the last year and a half.  I’ve created a Smart Playlist in iTunes to keep a rotating list of music on my iPod that hasn’t been played yet. So that includes brand new music, and music that’s been sitting stagnant.

quote (from last week):

I’m gonna get started and I’m hoping to keep updating my tally every couple of weeks. Hopefully we’ll see progress! I’m feeling a small victory already.

5945 unlistened to tracks to go…..

WELL, I’m pleased to report some progress. I’m currently jammin’ out to :

some unlistened to Allman Brothers’ Eat A Peach (I skipped Mountain Jam…cuz it’s fuggin loooong)

a couple of Pixies Surfer Rosa and Live in Newport RI tracks

Porter Wagoner – Wagonmaster (2 tracks)

and some Public Enemy – Fear of a Black Planet (so good…)

Public Enemy – 03 911 Is A Joke.mp3

Public Enemy – 04 Incident at 666FM.mp3

Public Enemy – 05 Welcome To The Terrordome.mp3

So, for this week, my Project Playlist count rests at…..


(5654 of 12142 = 46.6 %)

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