Too Drunk To Dream

…ain’t no drinking when the bottle’s dry…

Justin Verson [of Bon Iver] sits in with Bill Frisell [Mp3+Video]


Bill Frisell w/ Justin Vernon + Sara Siskind – Lovin’s for Fools (Live).mp3 [Listen] [Download]


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Amanda Palmer Crowdsurfing and Performing ‘Creep’ @ Coachella

You’re just like an angel, your skin makes me cry….

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Leonard Cohen performing “Hallelujah” @ Coachella 2009

Nothing more to say about this.

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Zach Galifianakis, Will Oldham do Kanye West

I’ll never get sick of this. Ever. Even though it’s a couple of months past the blogger expiration date to post this, I’m gonna. If anyone cracks me up more than Will Oldham being ‘normal’, it’s Zach Galifianakis with a chainsaw. Na, Na, Na, Na. Wait till I get me money right….

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Sometimes I wish that show had been recorded.

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Whiskeytown – Acoustic Radio Sessions

By request, I give you a Whiskeytown compilation containing three live sessions.  Two of them are from radio and the third is a live performance from Charlestown VA.  Hope you enjoy!

Whiskeytown Acoustic Radio Sessions 1997 and 1998

time: 0:24

01- Houses On The Hill
02- Nurse With The Pills
03- Think About Me
04- Somebody Remembers The Roses
05- Inn Town
06- Turnaround

World Cafe
time: 0:18

07- 16 Days
08- Somebody Remembers The Roses
09- Too Drunk To Dream
10- Excuse Me If I Break My Own Heart Tonight
11- Dreams (fleetwood mac cover)

Mountain Stage
time: 0:20

12- Easy Hearts
13- 16 Days
14- Houses On The Hill
15- Inn Town
16- Too Drunk To Dream

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Fastbacks (or the story is in the radio…keep your ear to the tapes)

Here’s an homage to a group of Seattle-ites that got me thru my teen angst years. Short story….

On January 8th, 1995 I set my tape recorder up to record the very first Self Pollution Radio broadcast by Pearl Jam. They were going live on the air, and were gonna play some tunes and do some DJ stuff, and basically play by there own rules for a couple of hours and for the next couple of months, I listen to those tapes every night.

The Fastbacks were my main focus from those tapes. What I heard spoke to my core and to this day, I get the warm fuzzies thinking about driving down to Thayer Street, heading into Tom’s Tracks and fumbling nervously through the bins, trying to look like I knew what I was doing, just mumbling to the clerk “Fastbacks?” and he, cooler than thou, and not being a dick about it, pointing to the back of the shop, on the right….

I had my copy, in hand, of Answer the Phone, Dummy.

Here, I offer to you, (within the d/l link), that LP, and the live tracks played on that radio show (God bless PJ fans for archiving that shit) plus one of their 7″ singles from 1981. I love that birthday song.

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Uncle Tupelo kills The Paradise, Boston 1992

“And they don’t tell me which way I oughta run
or what good I could do anyone.
‘Cause my heart it was a gun,
but it’s unloaded now
so don’t bother me now.
Don’t bother

Crawling back to you now
I sold my guitar to the girl next door.
She asked me if I knew how
I told her I don’t think so anymore.”

                                         – Jeff Tweedy on “Gun”

By 1992, Uncle Tupelo had begun to hit the alternative mainstream, selling 15,000 copies of their debut album No Depression based on their reputation for putting a punk rock ethos into the re-telling of old dustbowl tunes. When they hit the studio again, in the summer of 1991, they decided to thwart the expectations of making an “alternative”-style record. When Still Feel Gone hit the press, it had a decidedly heavy, J Mascis sort of feel. I remember reading in the book I Am Trying to Break Your Heart that the band wasn’t extremely happy with the sound, but the album set the stage for a tumultuous 3 years that would find Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy at complete odds with one another, resulting in a messy break at the peak of Uncle Tupelo’s grandeur. However you see it, the tension that existed on stage fueled the music.

Today I present to you a great show from The Paradise, a small club on Landsdowne St. in Boston. The band was in town to support Teenage Fanclub (yeah, those guys), and by the end of their short set, it seemed that most patrons were full-on Uncle Tupelo converts. Check out the INSANE cover of Gang Of Four’s “I Found That Essence Rare”, and Neil Young’s “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”. It’s no wonder why…

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Jimmy Buffett – KSAN: Live @ The Record Plant Sausalito, CA October 24th , 1974

There was a time when Jimmy Buffett wasn’t the corporate megamonstrosity inc. that he is today. Long before the Parrotheads, the restaurants, the novels, the collaborations, and even the soccer moms flashing their boobs in some suburban parking lot-turned tailgate party…. there was Jimmy Buffett, the Singer-Songwriter. The Traveler. The Raconteur.  The Bum. This is the Jimmy Buffett I like.

I don’t need to pay a hundred bucks for a lawn seat to enjoy this bootleg of Jimmy and the Coral Reefer Band playing in-studio at KSAN’s Record Plant in Sausalito, CA. One only needs to listen to the first couple of seconds of this session to know that this was a good old, hard-partying time in Cali. I don’t think Jimmy realized that “whatever he was snorting” was very close to a live microphone…. (good times, good times)

Who’s gonna steal the peanut butter?
I’ll get the can of sardines.
Runnin up and down the aisle of the mini mart,
Stickin food in our jeans.

We never took more than we could eat,
There was plenty left on the rack
We all swore if we ever got rich,
We would pay the mini mart back.
Yes, sir, Yes sir! We would pay the mini mart back!

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Uncle Tupelo: Live On Heat, NPR Radio July 18th, 1990

It’s been several weeks since I’ve posted some material from the Uncle Tupelo /Wilco /Son Volt catalog that I have stashed away over here. I figure if I dangle the carrot….maybe a few more lucky souls will hit that big old subscribe button over there to the right…. If you already subscribe, thanks! If not, please do… just for the single purpose of making me feel like I’m reaching people. 

So it’s starting to get a little nicer here in Rhody, and what better to commemorate a 50 degree day with Uncle Tupelo, performing during a heat wave in NYC, in July, on a radio show called ‘Heat’ nonetheless. This occurs right after the now-iconic No Depression was released by Rockville records. And, since this is a shorter session, I’ve previewed one of the inbetween song interviews about the band coming up in the world….  Enjoy – TDTD
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