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Fastbacks (or the story is in the radio…keep your ear to the tapes)

Here’s an homage to a group of Seattle-ites that got me thru my teen angst years. Short story….

On January 8th, 1995 I set my tape recorder up to record the very first Self Pollution Radio broadcast by Pearl Jam. They were going live on the air, and were gonna play some tunes and do some DJ stuff, and basically play by there own rules for a couple of hours and for the next couple of months, I listen to those tapes every night.

The Fastbacks were my main focus from those tapes. What I heard spoke to my core and to this day, I get the warm fuzzies thinking about driving down to Thayer Street, heading into Tom’s Tracks and fumbling nervously through the bins, trying to look like I knew what I was doing, just mumbling to the clerk “Fastbacks?” and he, cooler than thou, and not being a dick about it, pointing to the back of the shop, on the right….

I had my copy, in hand, of Answer the Phone, Dummy.

Here, I offer to you, (within the d/l link), that LP, and the live tracks played on that radio show (God bless PJ fans for archiving that shit) plus one of their 7″ singles from 1981. I love that birthday song.


Pearl Jam Self Pollution Radio Jan 8th, 1995

15. Vedder Intro
16. On Your Hands (live)
17. Run No More (live)
18. Old Address Of The Unknown (live)
19. Vedder Outro

Download the Fastbacks LP Answer The Phone, Dummy and their s/t 7″ and the Self-Pollution session… here:

I’ve never heard of What the hell is
Firefox users: + DownThemAll work together like Seattle and 9 months of rain


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