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Uncle Tupelo: Live On Heat, NPR Radio July 18th, 1990

It’s been several weeks since I’ve posted some material from the Uncle Tupelo /Wilco /Son Volt catalog that I have stashed away over here. I figure if I dangle the carrot….maybe a few more lucky souls will hit that big old subscribe button over there to the right…. If you already subscribe, thanks! If not, please do… just for the single purpose of making me feel like I’m reaching people. 

So it’s starting to get a little nicer here in Rhody, and what better to commemorate a 50 degree day with Uncle Tupelo, performing during a heat wave in NYC, in July, on a radio show called ‘Heat’ nonetheless. This occurs right after the now-iconic No Depression was released by Rockville records. And, since this is a shorter session, I’ve previewed one of the inbetween song interviews about the band coming up in the world….  Enjoy – TDTD

Uncle Tupelo
Live On Heat – NPR Radio
Acoustic Session
July 18th, 1990

01. Atomic Power
02. interview
03. Whiskey Bottle
04. interview #2
05. Screen Door
06. Graveyard Shift
07. Life Worth Livin’
08. outro

Download the whole set


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