Too Drunk To Dream

…ain’t no drinking when the bottle’s dry…

Whiskeytown – Acoustic Radio Sessions

By request, I give you a Whiskeytown compilation containing three live sessions.  Two of them are from radio and the third is a live performance from Charlestown VA.  Hope you enjoy!

Whiskeytown Acoustic Radio Sessions 1997 and 1998

time: 0:24

01- Houses On The Hill
02- Nurse With The Pills
03- Think About Me
04- Somebody Remembers The Roses
05- Inn Town
06- Turnaround

World Cafe
time: 0:18

07- 16 Days
08- Somebody Remembers The Roses
09- Too Drunk To Dream
10- Excuse Me If I Break My Own Heart Tonight
11- Dreams (fleetwood mac cover)

Mountain Stage
time: 0:20

12- Easy Hearts
13- 16 Days
14- Houses On The Hill
15- Inn Town
16- Too Drunk To Dream

Download the whole cannoli @

I’ve never heard of What the hell is

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