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Sad,Sad,Sad,Sad,Sad day R.I.P. Jay Bennett

Excerpted from Jim Derogatis’s article in the Chicago Sun Times :

Jay Bennett, a rock musician with deep ties to Chicago best known as a former member of Wilco, died early Sunday morning in downstate Urbana, where he had been running a recording studio, according to a spokesman for his family.

The singer and multi-instrumentalist was 45 years old.

“Early this morning, Jay died in his sleep and an autopsy is being performed,” said Edward Burch, a friend and musician who collaborated with Bennett on the 2005 album “The Palace at 4 a.m.” “The family is in mourning and is unavailable for comment at this time.”

Born in the Chicago suburb of Rolling Meadows, Bennett began playing in bands as a teenager. He attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and earned multiple degrees in secondary education, math and political science. In between, he co-founded the Replacements-like power-pop band Titanic Love Affair, which released three albums during the alternative-rock heyday between 1991 and 1996, when it was dropped from its label.

Bennett was working at a VCR repair shop in Champaign when he was tapped to join Wilco as it toured in support of its first album, “A.M.” A talented arranger and versatile musician who could play virtually any instrument he picked up, from mandolin to Mellotron, Bennett formed a fruitful partnership with Wilco bandleader Jeff Tweedy. His contributions over a seven-year period were key to the albums that resulted in the band’s national breakthrough, including “Being There” (1996), “Summerteeth” (1999) and “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” (2002).

Relations between Bennett and Tweedy, both painstaking perfectionists, soured during the latter recording, as documented in the film “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart,” and Bennett left the band. Earlier this month, Bennett filed a lawsuit against Tweedy for breach of contract and unpaid artist’s royalties, stemming in part from his role in the film.

In late April, Bennett wrote on his MySpace blog about dealing with intense pain from a hip injury suffered during a dive from the stage while playing with Titanic Love Affair. He was….

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Blind Pilot…lack of pun needed for title of blog post

Ever since their earth-shattering performance at SXSW (see NPR link below), Blind Pilot have been basking in the glow of indie-stardom. They really deserve it. The Portland, Oregon duo were ‘green-fabulous’ (is that in the same vein as, say…ghetto-fabulous? but for hipsters?) on their previous tour for biking between venues up and down the Pacific Northwest.  Now, with updated van-esque transportation and a lineup that has swelled to nonet status, Blind Pilot have veered ON-course, selling out venues across the U.S. (I made it that far without a pun….sigh).

In other awesome news…Blind Pilot have been announced as the opening act for the Decemberists this summer.  Watch out, your hyper-literates……

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Wilco (the bootleg): YHF Engineer Demos (the rewind)

A short post today…

You know how I feel about Wilco, right? Yeah you do. Well, after streaming the new “Wilco
(the album)” from ALL WEEKEND, I’ve went back and started to dust off a couple of classics from my collection. The first thing I’ve revisited this morning is the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot “Engineer” Demos. All of the tunes are of a finished quality and many are very different than the product that was released on the near-perfect YHF.

Enjoy. Toodrunktodream

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It was a No Go for this HOBO!

I would take these old shoes to get to you….

Deer Tick…. it’s the same feeling I got from Conor Oberst when he released his “Lifted…” album. It’s the sound of something happening. The sound of a movement being started.

I really can’t begin to say enough about these guys. They’re taking the world by storm. So watch out, world…the new album drops soon, and it’s gonna smack you in the face.
Deer Tick – These Old Shoes.mp3 (from \'War Elephant\')

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