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Wilco (the bootleg): YHF Engineer Demos (the rewind)

A short post today…

You know how I feel about Wilco, right? Yeah you do. Well, after streaming the new “Wilco
(the album)” from ALL WEEKEND, I’ve went back and started to dust off a couple of classics from my collection. The first thing I’ve revisited this morning is the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot “Engineer” Demos. All of the tunes are of a finished quality and many are very different than the product that was released on the near-perfect YHF.

Enjoy. Toodrunktodream

Wilco 2001-xx-xx ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’ Engineer Demos
Chicago, IL
Source: Studio SBD
Lineage: unknown


01. I’m The Man Who Loves You
02. Kamera
03. Magazine Called Sunset
04. Poor Places (Engineer Demo)
05. Shakin Sugar
06. War On War
07. Ashes Of American Flags
08. Cars Can’t Escape
09. Pot Kettle Black
10. The Good Part
11. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
12. Reservations (Engineer Demo)
13. Let Me Come Home
14. Heavy Metal Drummer
15. Nothing Up My Sleeve
16. Corduroy Cutoff Girl [Radio Cure]
17. Never Let You Down (Engineer Demo)
18. Venus Stop the Train

Notes: These are previously uncirculated studio versions of the songs off Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. They are all at least somewhat different from the 21 track verson of the YHF Demos that are widely circulated. The early working version of “Radio Cure” (titled “Corduroy Cutoff Girl”), as well as alternate studio versions of “Pot Kettle Black” and War On War have never been on any other bootleg. “Magazine Called Sunset” and “Kamera” were previously included on the More Like The Moon EP.

Download the whole set

from: [part one] [part two]

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