Too Drunk To Dream

…ain’t no drinking when the bottle’s dry…

Sharing airspace, 5 feet from Robert Plant.

So I totally ate dinner 5 feet away from Mr. Robert Plant on Friday. He happened to be staying in the Hotel Marlowe, in Cambridge, which just happens to be where we sort of randomly picked to have a birthday dinner with my brother in law, Mike (at the excellent restaurant, Bambara).

The man is the absolute pinnacle of cool. And, any of you that know me, know that I am not the type to really go ga-ga over celebutantes. So I didn’t ask for a picture, or an autograph and I don’t really have a cool story or anything like that… Jess (my fiance) however, made eye-contact while she was walking by his table, and he said hello to her. Yup, that’s right…. Robert Plant eye-fucked-the-shit-out-of-my-fiance. And I’m cool with that.

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