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Talking during the show…..Is Jeff Tweedy right or wrong here?

OK, so personally, I’ve had quite a few “quiet” concerts ruined by talkers…an Ani Difranco show comes to mind. She requested the amplification to be minimal (which I can understand), and a majority of the people that PAID to go and see her (and not PAID as in 5 bucks, but more like 35 bucks) chose to spend the entire show talking as loudly as possible, as if they were competing with Ms. DiFranco. WTF?

But on the other hand, I also don’t mind talking if the situation is right. Loud shows, bar shows, big shows, opening acts….do whatever you want, in my opinion. Just don’t be oblivious to your surroundings. Realize when you’re being a jackass. Shut up when you need to shut up. Talk before the show. talk after the show.

There are many differing opinions though, and I’d like to hear some of your thoughts!

Where is the line drawn when it comes to talking?

Does Tweedy get a little bitchy/diva-ish? (I def. think so)

Share your thoughts and esspecially experiences. Please.

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