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Hot, FUNKIN Sunday Covers :: Ben Harper channels Marley

Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Universal Hall, Tiergaarten, Berlin, Germany

There’s just something so appealing about honest, well-made music….To quote our protagonist here “When it’s good, it’s so, so good…”

Couldn’t help but post this great track from my live music collection, and seeing as it’s Sunday (and we all like to post covers on Sunday), what better way to honor the tradition than by raising the bar with some hothouse BHIC. Taken from Ben’s second-ever show in Germany, this late-set track begins with one of my favorite BH originals, and transitions into a killer version of Bob Marley’s own declaration-of-resistance. One Visionary paying tribute to another, the Visionary-of-all-visionaries. Enjoy.

view setlist and concert info here

With My Own Two Hands –> War (live)

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