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Race-baiting Mccain volunteer gets her comuppance


When news broke last night that a McCain volunteer, Ashley Todd, had been mugged and assaulted by an angry 6′4” black man, an Obama supporter, I raised one eyebrow but hesitated to comment, fearful that Willie Horton was making a comeback in the American political scene.  The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported:

Ashley Todd, 20, of College Station, Texas, was using an ATM at Liberty Avenue and Pearl Street in Bloomfield just before 9 p.m. Wednesday when a man approached her, put a knife to her throat and demanded $60, police said.

Todd handed the man $60 she had in her pocket and stepped away from him, investigators said. The man then noticed the bumper sticker on the woman’s car, which was parked in front of the ATM. The man became very angry, made comments to Todd about John McCain and punched her in the back of the head, knocking her to the ground, police said. […] The man then carved the “B” into Todd’s right cheek.

But there were several inconsistencies in this story. Todd declined medical treatment and declined to comment. While the Obama campaign released a statement wishing Todd a speedy recovery, McCain-Palin campaign spokesman Peter Feldman said only:

She is a volunteer for the McCain-Palin campaign. Sen. McCain has reached out to her via telephone and has spoken to her and her family. […] Out of respect for her privacy we’re not going to comment further.

This morning, the Tribune-Review reported that Todd had changed her story, adding now that “the man who robbed her outside a Bloomfield ATM on Wednesday night also groped and sexually assaulted her.” None of this could be confirmed, mind you, as the attack happened outside the view of bank security cameras.

Anyhow, it turns out Ashley Todd is a race-baiting lunatic with a death-wish for John McCain’s campaign.  KDKA in Pittsburgh announced today:

A Pittsburgh police commander says a volunteer for the McCain campaign who reported being robbed and attacked near a bank ATM in Bloomfield has confessed to making up the story. Police say charges will be filed.

Ready to comment now, John?

P.S. Ashley, if we Obama supporters were going to carve you’re face, we’d write an “O,” not a “B.” Duh.

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