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Oh, My Darling, Basia….

“I love songs that I can sing along to,” Basia says, and then she corrects herself, balling her hand into a fist. “No, songs that you want to sing along to.”

Basia Bulat has done quite a bit to fulfill that prophecy on her debut record, Oh, My Darling. At once charming and wistful, Basia’s voice delicately paints a beautiful portrait, using a palette of hand claps, soft, tentative piano, ukelele, and strings to gently envelope her achingly gorgeous voice. Touching on americana, and chamber pop at times, the music is just simple, litling folkiness at it’s finest. it’s musically walking on eggshells, producing something so fragile and so demanding attention yet so free and cursory.

There’s something personal here. Something that has just pinned my tongue, I’m captivated. And I think that by writing that, I may have quantified her sound right there. Apparently, the folks over at Rough Trade have been bitten by the bug as well. Her album (out since April 2006 in Canada), will be release in the U.S. on February 5th, 2007. It is immediately available via Itunes, and Amazon UK. Look for the new video for “In The Night” on Much Music.

Tour Dates:

Jan 10 – New York NY, Joes Pub w/Jeffery Lewis
Jan 16 – Hamilton ON, Westside Theatre w/ Hayden
Jan 18 – Ottawa ON, First Baptist Church w/ Hayden
Jan 19 – Ottawa ON, First Baptist Church w/ Hayden
Jan 20 – Montreal QC, Le National w/ Hayden
Jan 22 – Peterborough ON, Market Hall w/ Hayden
Jan 25 – Kitchener ON, Gig Theatre w/ Hayden
Jan 26 – London ON, Aeolian Hall w/ Hayden
Jan 27 – London ON, Aeolian Hall w/ Hayden

Basia Bulat – I Was A Daughter.mp3 [from Oh, My Darling]

Basia Bulat – The Pilgriming Vine.mp3 [from Oh, My Darling]

Basia Bulat – Touch The Hem Of His Garment (Sam Cooke cover).mp3 [from the Wolf Island Music Festival 8/11/07]

Basia Bulat – Snakes and Ladders.mp3 [from the Wolf Island Music Festival 8/11/07]

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