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My Morning Jacket : Band of the Year

Here’s a fantastic article from Jambase about everybody’s favorite band, My Morning Chaqueta

We are our parent’s children, but we are not our parents. The
generation gap we feel today has been exacerbated by the computer
revolution, which birthed our text message, IM (instant message for
those of you who haven’t made the leap), e-communication lifestyle,
which many of those born before the PC have failed to adopt. But beyond
our ever-growing inability to interact as humans, we’re one of the few
generations in the history of America that will not enjoy a higher
standard of living than our parents. While many cling to hope that
Obama can save this country, the truth is as we step into 2009 we’re
staring down a barrel and there are bullets in the chamber. Our economy
has collapsed, we’re mired in a war costing us billions of dollars, and
we’re still addicted to the precious oil our enemies control. This is
not the world we were promised, but it is the one we’re inheriting.

We also happen to be the first generation to fully see through the veil
of organized religion. When times are tough people turn to faith; they
always have. Problem is, we watched the walls of the world’s largest
religion, Christianity, crumble from corruption and crimes inside the
Catholic Church too heinous to consider while the second largest
religion, Islam, became erroneously tied to fanatic, extreme violence.
All around the world people are suffering in the name of religion, and
those of us coming of age today have had enough. We aren’t looking to
scripture and we certainly have no time for hypocrisy handed down from
atop a white horse. We’re looking for something that connects us in
real time, not learned through forced Sunday school traditions and
stuffy synagogues we never wanted to attend in the first place. The old
rules don’t apply. We’re searching for more; praying not for Christ’s
return but for a mass awakening. And like our most ancient ancestors
did, many of us are looking to music. Just as cavemen slapped stones,
Africans stretched animal hides to make drums and the Whirling
Dervishes spun into ecstasy, music is in our bones and it very well may
be the path to spirituality. As we close the book on 2008 we need
something we can believe in, we need to go deeper and My Morning Jacket is taking us there. And that’s why they’re our Band of the Year.

Continue!  It gets even better!

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Wilco to appear on "The Colbert Report"

In this nasty political climate, the “final push”, the last couple of days before Election Day, a.k.a. the beginning of the next great chapter in the history of the United States, it seems obvious that everyone has their eyes and ears pinned to the all-out Election ’08 coverage. It’s just a bit overwhelming. Hey, I’m so happy that I don’t live in a swing state.

I don’t know how you folks in O-hi-O, FLA, VA, “New HAMP-shire??” (“What About Bob?” anyone?), or North Carolina do it. All your asses must be bruised by now from all of the ass-kissing that’s been going on.

Anyhow, good news on the music front. One of my fav’s, Wilco, will be gracing The Colbert Report stage tomorrow night. Um…sweet. And to go along with that, here’s a fantastic new song they debuted at the Bridge School Bennie. Hopefully it will make an appearance on the upcoming LP, because it’s loverly.

Today’s Featured Mp3:

Wilco-2008-10-25 Bridge School Benefit- I’ll Go

From Jambase:

Wilco To Be Featured on “The Colbert Report”

As if good ol’ Stephen Colbert wasn’t enough to make you watch “The Colbert Report,” this Thursday the wonderful Wilco lads will be the special musical guest. Set to perform one song, the Chicago rockers follow a long line of quality live music on The Report including The Roots, R.E.M., Nas, Feist, the Decemberists and many more. The program airs this Thursday, October 30, on Comedy Central at 10:30 p.m. EDT.

The Report gig begins a nice little tour for Wilco that includes a Concert for Change in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday, November 1 before they do a leg supporting Neil Young in December.

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