Too Drunk To Dream

…ain’t no drinking when the bottle’s dry…

I miss Snow Days…

It’s snowing here. It’s the first significant snow of the season, and it’s already left it’s mark. The last time I stepped outside, the powder had amassed to a little over 10 inches and it’s still falling. I’m not complaining though. Nope. I’ve got a 6 pack of Brooklyn Winter Ale, I’ve just gotten laid off, my last day is tomorrow, my fiance’s away, and I couldn’t care any less about it all. Tomorrow is my fuck off day at work, and I’ll have to drive through a foot of snow just to sit at work and sulk. But in some ways, I wish I could call in sick and have a snow day. The type of day where there’s a 24 hour reprieve from anything and everything that has createed anxiety in my life. I want to lay down in a drift and I want to be numbed by that protective envelope of a foot of snow, and having all of my worries being buried by something beautiful.

Some nice sad warm wintery songs:

Josh Rouse – “Snowy” from Country Mouse, City House [2007]
Josh Rouse – “Winter In The Hamptons” from Nashville [2005]
Matt Pond PA – “Snow Day” from the Winterlong e.p. [2005]
Matt Pond PA – “Winterlong (Neil Young)” from the Winterlong e.p. [2005]

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