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Dr. Dog have lost their moose at Amoeba Records

from the band:


At our recent Amoeba in-store performance in Hollywood I had the misfortune of being separated from a beloved plastic Moose, or rather: it from me.

This Moose was given to me by a dear friend and is inscribed with the word “ALASKA” on one flank and “DR. DOG” on the inverse. For the past year, the Moose has ridden along on the handle of my stand at each and every show. Musicians, like humans, are a ritualistic bunch and I cherished its role in my daily routine.

Perhaps the Moose was simply knocked to the ground in the chaos of the post-performance stage-strike, perhaps, perhaps… but what if it were something more sinister? I shutter at the thought of foul play, but I cannot help being cynical at such a time as this.

I must digress, though: whatever the case may be, I would like nothing more than to have the Moose returned to his rightful place at the helm of my keyboard case. Anyone with any information is strongly encouraged to contact our manager Brian Winton at


Z. Ulrich Miller

Dr. Dog

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