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Blind Melon – MuchMusic Intimate & Interactive, Sept 12th, 1995

Blind Melon were on a literal and figurative high during the late summer of 1995. The band had just released it’s new album Soup, the follow-up to the hugely-successful self titled album that thrust them into the limelight with the kitschy, catchy hit “No Rain”. Shannon Hoon and the band were embarking on an American tour that would have them on the road for the majority of the next year, and despite Shannon’s drug counselor’s best advice, that tour began in early September and tragically ended on October 21st, 1995. On September 12th, Blind Melon stopped in Vancouver BC to play a show at the Commodore Ballroom, a show that was broadcast on Canada’s MuchMusic : Intimate & Interactive.

Blind Melon – MuchMusic Intimate & Interactive Sept 12th, 1995 [Whole Show]


Blind Melon 1995-09-12-15 Galaxie.mp3
Blind Melon 1995-09-12-13 Soup.mp3
Blind Melon 1995-09-12-10 St.Andrew’s Fall.mp3

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