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Jim James, Conor Oberst and M, Ward – Minneapolis 2004

There’s gonna be books written about this tour someday. It was something that really didn’t get a lot of space in the newspapers. My Morning Jacket weren’t the headliners that they are now, Conor Oberst was breaking out with modest success from Bright Eyes’ excellent “Lifted…” CD, and nobody really had M. Ward on their radar screens yet. the tour played like an experiment. Matt Ward would come out and play a couple of tunes, Jim James would show up on stage at times for backup guitar and vocals, the same with Mike Mogis. Then Matt would leave and the roundtable of musicians continued. Conor makes an appearance, Jim leaves, Matt shows up, instruments are exchanged. And in the end, they’re trading off verses for one of the great collaborative performance tours I’ve ever seen.

Please go and check out Aquarium Drunkard’s page for the complete download of a legendary show from a legendary tour.

February 20, 2004, Pantages Theatre – Minneapolis, MN

M. Ward

Fuel For Fire
Duet For Guitars #3
Let’s Dance +
O’Brien/O’Brien’s Nocturne
Vincent O’Brien
Outta My Head

Jim James

One In The Same
Like It Should
I Can’t Wait
Where To Begin
How Could I Know
The Bear
Bermuda Highway

Bright Eyes

Train Under Water
Going For The Gold
Soon You’ll Be Leaving Your Man
A Celebration Upon Completion
We Are Nowhere And It’s Now
Landlocked Blues
Waste Of Paint
Seashell Tale (M. Ward)
You Were Always on My Mind * (Jim James)
Laura Laurent
At Dawn (Jim James)

At The Bottom Of Everything
Girl From The North Country &

Billed as: Bright Eyes and Friends: An Evening of Solo & Collaborative Performances Featuring Bright Eyes, Jim James of “My Morning Jacket” and M. Ward.

+ Words By David Bowie
* Words & Music By Wayne Thompson, Mark James, And Johnny Christopher
& Words & Music By Bob Dylan

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Celebrating New Years with My Morning Jacket……

What would a NYE Party have been like…if we were to all get together? I picture either a Gangsta Pool Party… or something exactly like this:

MMJ at MSG performing “Celebration” and “Get Down On It” at midnight.

Listen to the entire 35 song show (from

Disc 1/Set 1:
1. intro music – What Are You Doing New Years Eve
2. Move On Up (Curtis Mayfield) *
3. Evil Urges *
4. Off The Record
5. Gideon
6. The Way That He Sings
7. Thank You Too
8. I’m Amazed
9. Golden ^
10. Librarian
11. You’re All I Need (marvin gaye) * +
12. Express Yourself (charles wright) *
13. Wonderful Man
14. Lay Low
15. Phone Went West

Disc 2/Set 1(cont):
16. Look At You
17. Dondante
18. Smoking from Shootin->
19. Touch Me Part 2->
20. Run Thru
21. The Wanderer (Dion) *
22. Dancefloors *
23. Magheeta

Disc 3/Set 2:
1. new years’ countdown
2. Celebration (kool & the gang) *
3. Get Down On It (kool & the gang) *
4. Wordless Chorus
5. Highly Suspicious
6. Cobra
7. Islands in the Stream (Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers) +
8. Bring It on Home to Me (Sam Cooke) *
9. Cold Sweat (James Brown)*
10. Anytime
11. One Big Holiday
12. Auld Lang Syne (sung by Jim James over a prerecorded backing track)
13. outro music – We’ll Meet Again

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My Morning Jacket : Band of the Year

Here’s a fantastic article from Jambase about everybody’s favorite band, My Morning Chaqueta

We are our parent’s children, but we are not our parents. The
generation gap we feel today has been exacerbated by the computer
revolution, which birthed our text message, IM (instant message for
those of you who haven’t made the leap), e-communication lifestyle,
which many of those born before the PC have failed to adopt. But beyond
our ever-growing inability to interact as humans, we’re one of the few
generations in the history of America that will not enjoy a higher
standard of living than our parents. While many cling to hope that
Obama can save this country, the truth is as we step into 2009 we’re
staring down a barrel and there are bullets in the chamber. Our economy
has collapsed, we’re mired in a war costing us billions of dollars, and
we’re still addicted to the precious oil our enemies control. This is
not the world we were promised, but it is the one we’re inheriting.

We also happen to be the first generation to fully see through the veil
of organized religion. When times are tough people turn to faith; they
always have. Problem is, we watched the walls of the world’s largest
religion, Christianity, crumble from corruption and crimes inside the
Catholic Church too heinous to consider while the second largest
religion, Islam, became erroneously tied to fanatic, extreme violence.
All around the world people are suffering in the name of religion, and
those of us coming of age today have had enough. We aren’t looking to
scripture and we certainly have no time for hypocrisy handed down from
atop a white horse. We’re looking for something that connects us in
real time, not learned through forced Sunday school traditions and
stuffy synagogues we never wanted to attend in the first place. The old
rules don’t apply. We’re searching for more; praying not for Christ’s
return but for a mass awakening. And like our most ancient ancestors
did, many of us are looking to music. Just as cavemen slapped stones,
Africans stretched animal hides to make drums and the Whirling
Dervishes spun into ecstasy, music is in our bones and it very well may
be the path to spirituality. As we close the book on 2008 we need
something we can believe in, we need to go deeper and My Morning Jacket is taking us there. And that’s why they’re our Band of the Year.

Continue!  It gets even better!

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Today is a Big Star kinda day

I wrote a long, beautiful fucking post about Big Star and I fucking hit paste instead of copy at some point and destroyed the whole fucking thing.  So what I’m left with is exhaustion, and some kick-ass links. 

What I was trying to say was that up until a year ago, I had no idea that Big Star carried the influence that they do.  They didn’t just put out a couple of masterpiece albums while facing utter commercial failure only to become hugely popular in the late 80’s-early 90’s alt-rock scene…..they WERE the late 80’s-early 90’s alt-rock scene, in 1972.  So here’s to them, and here’s to a post that’s floating around in the cache of my computer somewhere.   I’m gonna have a beer tonight, at pub trivia, for Big Star.

Big Star – 16 Kanga Roo.mp3

Free file hosting from File Den

Jeff Buckley – 08 Kanga-Roo.MP3

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Big Star – 12 September Gurls.mp3

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Of Montreal – 02 September gurls.mp3

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Big Star – 14 O, Dana.mp3

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Okkervil River 03 o, dana [big star].mp3

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Big Star – 04 Thirteen.mp3

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elliott smith – 12 – thirteen.mp3

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Wilco – Thirteen.mp3

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My Friday Evening Jacket pt. 1

So here I am. Monday night. Not quite fully recovered from this weekend of weekends, but loving every minute of it. This entry will be “part 1”. Ben Folds and Ryan Adams to follow.

My fiance, Jess, and I finally got around to planning a trip from Providence to Philly, to visit my kid sister. Of course, being the music junkie that I am, I built the weekend trip around some pretty good music. My Morning Jacket were playing at Festival Pier Friday night, so, sensing my desire to go, my sister bought 3 tickets for my birthday. We all got to go. Let me tell you….She, my friends, is awesome. Best present ever. Getting to the show, well….another situation altogether. Oh and another awesome thing about the show was that I was gonna get to share it with the legendary LizzieGreenEyes.

Left Providence on Friday at noon, and arrived in North Wales, PA at 6:30. We had just enough time to say hi to my sister and take a look at her new condo, before we were out the door and on the road once again, for the drive into Philly. And it became immediately clear that traffic wasn’t gonna be very kind. It took about an hour for us to get to the venue. We found a great parking spot, however, and at 7:45……..we walked into the venue as MMJ were walking on stage for a set that would last for nearly 3 hours.

Moggers know where to find each other….and Lizzie let it be known that she and Deb were camping out by the shortest beer line. Of course, I found them before the first tune was even over! And let me tell you, there’s no better remedy for road-weary bones than to dance off the cobwebs with Lizzie, a couple of Miller Lites and Jim James’ unreal growl . Three hours of bliss. Even a little bit of T.S. Hanna couldn’t put a damper on the 4,500 people gathered to witness one of the most electric and energetic of indie rock bands of all time. And all the talk about Moggers, beers, bands, and…of course…The Swell Season got me in just the right mood for some afterbeers at Johnny Brenda’s, the perfect dive bar for a fella in a grateful dead shirt and a gal in a Vote Green T! And I will admit, Lizzie, that guitarist is the male equivalent of Jenny Lewis. He’s pretty damn hot…I’ll give you that. And he plays sax. Damn. That’s what gets the ladies….

My Morning Jacket – 9/05/08 Festival Pier, Philly, PA FM Soundboard

3 separate dl’s (works easily with downthemall)


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Some Newport Folk Festival shows posted on A.D.

Aquarium Drunkard has been so kind to post Jim James’ full set [with guest appearance by M.(ontgomery) Ward], as well as She & Him’s full set [with guest appearance by Mr. James]

Go to and download them while they’re available….cuz they’re real and they’re spectacular.

Aquarium Drunkard presents: Jim James

Aquarium Drunkard presents: She & Him

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My Morning Jacket – Bonnaroo ’08 – "Return to Thunderdome pt. 2" [256kbps]

My Morning Jacket
Which Stage,Bonnaroo Music Festival,Manchester,TN


cd # 1
Evil Urges
Off the Record
Hot Fun(Sly & the Family Stone) with Jeff Coffin on saxophone and the Nashville/Louisville Horns
Highly Suspicious
What a Wonderful Man
I’m Amazed
Thank You Too
Touch Me Pt 1
Sec Walkin
Two Halves
Hit it and Quit it
Tyrone(Erykah Badu)

cd # 2
Steam Engine
Aluminum Park
Easy Morning Rebel with Jeff Coffin and the Nashville/Louisville Horns
Dancefloors with Jeff Coffin and the Nashville/Louisville Horns
One Big Holiday featuring Kirk Hammett of Metallica

Set 2:
Cold Sweat with Jeff Coffin and the Nashville/Louisville Horns
Get Down On It (Kool and the Gang) with Jeff Coffin and the Nashville/Louisville Horns
Across 110th Street (Bobby Womack & Peace) with Jeff Coffin and the Nashville/Louisville Horns
Wordless Chorus
Phone Went West

cd # 3
Oh Sweet Nuthin(Velvet Underground)
Bermuda Highway
Run Thru
Smokin from Shootin
Touch Me Pt 2
Home Sweet Home (Mötley Crüe) featuring Zach Galifianakis as Annie

FOB DPA(B&K) 4011s->Luminous Monarchs->SD 722 @ 24/96.SD722 ->Wavelad(dither/resample)->CD Wave (tracking) ->
Wavelab 5(edit)-> FLAC. Recorded in th pouring rain with a liitle luck and transfered by Mark Lynn(

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My Morning Jacket – Live at the Vogue Theater

My Morning Jacket are a band. That’s all I want you to know about them. They’re my own personal little band. They’re mine, I found them and I want to keep them for my own and I don’t want you to have them. Unless you take good care of them and don’t treat them poorly and return them to me unscathed.

This live show finds my friends at the Vogue Theater in Indianapolis, Indiana, October 23rd, 2005. The set fucking smokes, as is the usual with MMJ. [It must be nice to wake up in the morning and go “You know what, I’m gonna rock some faces off tonight”] . A highlight is a 9-minute “Run Thru” and the “Gideon” w/ Ms. Kathleen Edwards. And of course, a fantastic “One Big Holiday”.

MMJ- Vogue Theater 10-23-2005 [whole show]

sample tracks

MMJ -10-23-05 Vogue Theater -06 Golden w. Kathleen Edwards.mp3
MMJ -10-23-05 Vogue Theater -07 Sooner.mp3

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