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In defense of Shepard Fairey, the ‘HOPE’ artist.

OK, I’m not artistic genius or anything, but did anyone think that Shepard Fairey drew his now-iconic poster of Obama by memory or something?  Oh, no, wait, he sat Barack down and painted a portrait. Yeah. That must have been it….

Well, in another sign of the impending apocalypse, the Associated Press is now suing the collage artist for images that he may have used to model his Obama “Hope” poster.  Grow up AP.  Grow up.

Full Story:

AP accuses ‘Hope’ artist of copyright infringement

In other news..small time blogger gets in hot water for linking to USA Today.

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Race-baiting Mccain volunteer gets her comuppance


When news broke last night that a McCain volunteer, Ashley Todd, had been mugged and assaulted by an angry 6′4” black man, an Obama supporter, I raised one eyebrow but hesitated to comment, fearful that Willie Horton was making a comeback in the American political scene.  The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported:

Ashley Todd, 20, of College Station, Texas, was using an ATM at Liberty Avenue and Pearl Street in Bloomfield just before 9 p.m. Wednesday when a man approached her, put a knife to her throat and demanded $60, police said.

Todd handed the man $60 she had in her pocket and stepped away from him, investigators said. The man then noticed the bumper sticker on the woman’s car, which was parked in front of the ATM. The man became very angry, made comments to Todd about John McCain and punched her in the back of the head, knocking her to the ground, police said. […] The man then carved the “B” into Todd’s right cheek.

But there were several inconsistencies in this story. Todd declined medical treatment and declined to comment. While the Obama campaign released a statement wishing Todd a speedy recovery, McCain-Palin campaign spokesman Peter Feldman said only:

She is a volunteer for the McCain-Palin campaign. Sen. McCain has reached out to her via telephone and has spoken to her and her family. […] Out of respect for her privacy we’re not going to comment further.

This morning, the Tribune-Review reported that Todd had changed her story, adding now that “the man who robbed her outside a Bloomfield ATM on Wednesday night also groped and sexually assaulted her.” None of this could be confirmed, mind you, as the attack happened outside the view of bank security cameras.

Anyhow, it turns out Ashley Todd is a race-baiting lunatic with a death-wish for John McCain’s campaign.  KDKA in Pittsburgh announced today:

A Pittsburgh police commander says a volunteer for the McCain campaign who reported being robbed and attacked near a bank ATM in Bloomfield has confessed to making up the story. Police say charges will be filed.

Ready to comment now, John?

P.S. Ashley, if we Obama supporters were going to carve you’re face, we’d write an “O,” not a “B.” Duh.

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Colin Powell endorses Senator Barack Obama for President

Fmr. Sec. of State, General Colin Powell, a member of President Bush’s administration and a well-respected Republican, went on NBC’s Meet The Press Sunday to publicly endorse Sen. Obama for president. In the second part of Gen. Powell’s endorsement here, he speaks very eloquently regarding one of the common misconceptions regarding Sen. Obama : the myth that he is a Muslim. First and foremost, he’s a Christian, and secondly (and perhaps more importantly), why should it matter if he is a Muslim, or a Jew, or whatever, in this day and in this era??

You who believe in perpetuating rumor, conjecture or hatred should all be ashamed of yourselves, each and every one of you. From hatred breeds hatred, and from ignorance, only ignorance.

He also spoke of the “despicable … demagoguery,” in attempting to paste a terrorist label on the Illinois senator for his association with Vietnam-era radical Bill Ayers.

The National – Mr November.mp3 [for Obama]

The Kinks – A Well Respected Man.mp3 [for Powell]

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Underground/DIY artists use their voice in support of Obama for President

This is an excerpt from the homepage. Please follow the (large) link in the center of your screen to check out many more artist testimonials and consider leaving your experiences on their contribution page.
– Jameson

Those of us in the underground/DIY arts community
need to consider what is important for the
future of the US
just as much as any other citizen.

A climate of tolerance, a strong economy, and a world that inspires us to do
greater things are all things that make it easier to be a noise artist.
A vote for Barack Obama will encourage these things. This website collects statements
from different noise artists, noise rockers,underground show promoters,
DIY label heads, mom and pop record shop owners, and
underground music fans about why they are voting for Barack Obama this
November. If you have not decided about voting yet,
please read through these statements and consider if you agree
that voting for Obama will help the community
and this music and art you love. If you have decided to
vote for Obama, and
would like to share your thoughts,
please visit our contribution page.

“Political non-participation in my social sphere often stems from not wanting to
‘play the game.’ But I’m pretty sure that if you are standing in a city,
driving a car down a public road, emailing whoever for whatever, or
eating food not grown within walking distance (and even then) you ARE
playing the game.

“Earth (and beyond) is the board, and it needs your
help to stay a cool place to play. Your town, the country, the entire
planet is interconnected now more than ever. We share resources across
the globe and we need to participate in our little corner to hold the
whole puzzle together. It would probably take me about half a day to
walk to Boston or half a day to fly to China. One big neighborhood. I
vote in all my local and national elections, and though it won’t solve
my every problem, it might effect something. It might mean more money
for science, or a more flexible, inspired educational system. It might
mean marriage rights for all or government incentives for new energy
research. Sure it’s a “maybe”, but it’s an easy one to reach for.
Picture a huge heavy ball with hundreds of people trying to push it, add
your little bit of weight and at that moment it may give, the ball is
rolling. Four years ago Lightning Bolt was in on tour in Europe right
before the election watching the debates when we could, I specifically
remember watching Edwards debate Cheney. Cheney, his pals probably
seizing contracts to rebuild Iraq already. What a scheme they had, blow
a country up and get everyone to pay you to put it back together. At
this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Bush had an adviser with a bodybag
company. These people are my representatives? Touring in Europe and
apologizing to everyone for being from the USA. My country, a country
that invades sovereign nations. A country that from the rest of the
world’s perspective is a thuggish bully with the capacity to nuke the
planet to atoms.

My eyes welled up with tears listening to Obama speak at the DNC, finally a
person who I can be proud of, a figurehead who respects intelligence and
speaks with intelligence. Politicians constantly promise this that and
the other thing so I listen between the lines, trying to judge if this
person has the ability to reason, learn, listen and empathize and has a
humanitarian perspective. But of course while a president needs first
and foremost to be able to filter information they don’t work in a void,
they have a wealth of experience around them. Hillary will be there
with all her fire and knowledge; McCain (for better or worse) will be
there with his military experience. Biden will be there with his grip on
foreign policy, Kucinich will be there with his vision of peace, but
Obama will tie it together and make the mature decisions to put us on
the path towards reason and renewal.

And on top of that I love voting. Providence always moves my spot around. Me being in
a not so wealthy area, they are probably trying to shake us off the
trail. So I’ll wander into whatever school gym or apartment complex
lobby I’m assigned too and say “chippendale” and the volunteers will all
giggle and I’ll make a joke about my rich stripper uncle or something
like that. Then I’ll vote, we will all smile and I’ll get my “I voted”
sticker and walk out happy that I shared a moment with a few new people
from some other walk of life. All of us participating in this grand
democratic experiment. “

– Brian Chippendale (
Lightning Bolt, Black Pus) 8/30/2008

Obama is good for us. i don’t know if i can speak for this whole country or the whole world, but his views on foreign policy,his views on health care, his views on abortion and so on are right where we think things need to be. The last few elections have been real tough, we were so excited to nominate Gore, then again with Kerry, but in the real scheme of things we were choosing the lesser of two evils. Obama is a real human, and we believe in him and his decisions for the better of our country. The human country. Please vote

– No age 9/10/08


“Every time I tour the US playing music there is at least
one long drive where I realize how lucky I am to live in
a country where I can do this. Somehow, with almost no income to speak of I am
able to do what I want with my
life. It is never easy, but it is awesome that I can make art the way I want to
and share it with people all over the place
just by working hard at it. If America continues to have stupid presidents like
George Bush though, my hard work
alone might not be enough any more. I am voting for Obama because I believe he
will help keep the US a place
where DIY artists like my friends and I can afford to get by, can afford the
energy it takes to tour, and aren’t surrounded
by hateful people that don’t support our true freedom. I know, with hard how it
is to be an artist, that apathy over voting is easy
to have. But if Obama is not elected president, it will become more than hard to
be an artist. It will become near impossible as
the Republican party continues to insist on the use of oil, making the cost of
living go up and the attitude of society more mean
and bitter. If you enjoy noise music and all the other DIY arts please vote for

– Brian Miller (
Foot Village/Deathbomb Arc) 8/29/2008

Lightning Bolt @ MySpace
Noage @ MySpace

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My Friday Evening Jacket pt. 1

So here I am. Monday night. Not quite fully recovered from this weekend of weekends, but loving every minute of it. This entry will be “part 1”. Ben Folds and Ryan Adams to follow.

My fiance, Jess, and I finally got around to planning a trip from Providence to Philly, to visit my kid sister. Of course, being the music junkie that I am, I built the weekend trip around some pretty good music. My Morning Jacket were playing at Festival Pier Friday night, so, sensing my desire to go, my sister bought 3 tickets for my birthday. We all got to go. Let me tell you….She, my friends, is awesome. Best present ever. Getting to the show, well….another situation altogether. Oh and another awesome thing about the show was that I was gonna get to share it with the legendary LizzieGreenEyes.

Left Providence on Friday at noon, and arrived in North Wales, PA at 6:30. We had just enough time to say hi to my sister and take a look at her new condo, before we were out the door and on the road once again, for the drive into Philly. And it became immediately clear that traffic wasn’t gonna be very kind. It took about an hour for us to get to the venue. We found a great parking spot, however, and at 7:45……..we walked into the venue as MMJ were walking on stage for a set that would last for nearly 3 hours.

Moggers know where to find each other….and Lizzie let it be known that she and Deb were camping out by the shortest beer line. Of course, I found them before the first tune was even over! And let me tell you, there’s no better remedy for road-weary bones than to dance off the cobwebs with Lizzie, a couple of Miller Lites and Jim James’ unreal growl . Three hours of bliss. Even a little bit of T.S. Hanna couldn’t put a damper on the 4,500 people gathered to witness one of the most electric and energetic of indie rock bands of all time. And all the talk about Moggers, beers, bands, and…of course…The Swell Season got me in just the right mood for some afterbeers at Johnny Brenda’s, the perfect dive bar for a fella in a grateful dead shirt and a gal in a Vote Green T! And I will admit, Lizzie, that guitarist is the male equivalent of Jenny Lewis. He’s pretty damn hot…I’ll give you that. And he plays sax. Damn. That’s what gets the ladies….

My Morning Jacket – 9/05/08 Festival Pier, Philly, PA FM Soundboard

3 separate dl’s (works easily with downthemall)


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The National jump into the Obama Pool with new T-Shirt design and campaign video

In this season’s political climate, why WOULDN’T you show your support for the presidential candidate of your choice. The National have quietly voiced their allegiance with a new Barack Obama/Mr. November T-Shirt, available on their website.

Maybe the song being referenced is not the most politically correct in The National’s catalog, but it does have that certain “je ne sais quoi” to it.

“I WON’T fuck us over, I’m MR. NOVEMBER! I’m MR. NOVEMBER!!”

Proceeds go directly to the campaign so purchase your Obama / Mr November tshirt @ The National’s Online Shop:


Get your own playlist at!
Also, it seems that a reworked version of The National’s “Fake Empire” has been appearing in an Obama ’08 campaign video called “Signs of Hope & Change”

thanks to Bradley’s Almanac for the heads up and the mp3’s!

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