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Saying OK to Yeasayer

Yeasayer : All Hour Cymbals [We Are Free, 2007]

Brooklyn can be found all over this. TVOTR can be found all over this. Animal Collective, and Grizzly Bear, and yes, Clap Your Hands can all be found all over this. Have we heard this music before….kind of. Sort of… but I’m still listening, and I’m still interested….

Yeasayer’s debut disc, All Hour Cymbals is an exercise on the eardrums. With layers and layers of sonical landscapes, pierced by vocal harmonies reminiscent of some of the Beach Boys’ twisted, experimental harmonics, the Radio City 4-piece reaches hard to employ every blip, every knob turn, every Middle Eastern-Peter Gabriel worldbeat rhythm. I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Yeasayer_AllHourCymbals 08_WaitForTheWintertime.mp3

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"I think I lost It at The Carousel": Vintage Grateful Dead Radio Promos

Here’s a little nugget that I dusted off the other day. Remember when radio was, well, relevant? No, I don’t either…but it used to be. Remember when LiveNation or ClearChannel or Ticketmaster ceased to exist….good times, good times.

Cue 1968, The Dead were the puppeteers of the Haight/Asbury scene, and about to relocate to Marin County to start the next chapter in their history. This radio promo spot is advertising for the run of shows that they played at the legendary Carousel on the weekend of June 7th-9th, 1968.

The Carousel was the former El Patio Ballroom on the second floor of the car dealership on the southwest corner of Market and Van Ness. It opened in 1966 with a performance by the Yardbirds.

In July of 68, legendary S.F. entrepreneur Bill Graham left the Fillmore Auditorium to take over the Carousel Ballroom. He would rename it The Fillmore West.

Today the Carousel Ballroom is now the service and repair shop of a Honda car dealer. sigh…



Grateful Dead – Duprees Radio Ad
Grateful Dead – Rate The Record Radio Ad
Grateful Dead – Doin That Rag Radio Ad
Grateful Dead – Port Chester Apology Ad

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