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[RANT] I weep for humanity a/k/a I watched the AMA Awards last night

If that’s what you want to fucking call them….awards.

I saw more Disney artists last night than should EVER be allowed on stage. Oh wait a sec…..the awards show was on ABC …. which Disney OWNS…. so….when we see Miley, the Jonases, Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale and other future Celebrity Rehab subjects come trotting down the fucking red carpet (really…is it necessary), what we’re actually watching is a 3 hour commercial for the Disney Corporation.

OH AND I ALMOST FUCKING FORGOT. It was also a banner night for American Idol grads. Daughtry picked up its fourth AMA, this time in pop/rock band/group/duo, while Jordin Sparks was named adult contemporary artists and Carrie Underwood’s Carnival Ride scored country album. David Cook also put on some eyeliner and decided to perform, again if that’s what you call it, out on the red carpet. LOOKS LIKE FOX IS IN ON THE FUN TOO. Have another cocktail, Clive.

It’s like watching a bunch of music and tv industry executives giving statues to the people who made the most money for them this year. And Annie Lennox getting a Merit Award? I like Annie, don’t get me wrong, but she hasn’t had a platinum selling album since 1995. However, WHAT SHE DOES HAVE is a greatest hits package coming out in early 2009, so the industry execs give her an award, trot her out on stage, get her to sing a song, and hope to rake in the dough come spring. sigh.

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