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In defense of Shepard Fairey, the ‘HOPE’ artist.

OK, I’m not artistic genius or anything, but did anyone think that Shepard Fairey drew his now-iconic poster of Obama by memory or something?  Oh, no, wait, he sat Barack down and painted a portrait. Yeah. That must have been it….

Well, in another sign of the impending apocalypse, the Associated Press is now suing the collage artist for images that he may have used to model his Obama “Hope” poster.  Grow up AP.  Grow up.

Full Story:

AP accuses ‘Hope’ artist of copyright infringement

In other news..small time blogger gets in hot water for linking to USA Today.

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Ryan Adams and 48 Hours Revisited

In 2001, Ryan Adams made one of the best albums of his career, and never released it. It’s pretty safe to say that its one of my favorite albums that has never seen the light of day. A Youtube-er asked me if I could locate the album for him, and I gladly obliged… so there’s no sense in not sharing with everyone, right?

And the other reason for re-posting, Marty is on his way back to New England, right now, interviewing for a job and hoping to move back east. I’ll be seeing him tomorrow, sharing stories and comparing notes over a tallboy, and some good food at Angelo’s Civita Farnese.

Download the “48 Hours” album at :


Ryan Adams – 48 Hours – Walls
Ryan Adams – 48 Hours – Like The Twilight (Drunk and Fucked Up)


You all know that Ryan Adams is slightly more than a hobby for me. Mangled B-sides and garbled concert clips are Mozart to these ears. One-off web clips are collectors items and treasured additions to my music collection. So when I got a hold of a number of Ryan Adams’ unreleased sessions a while back, (back when trading was done with bubble mailers and postage stamps…..none of this torrent malarkey), as you can imagine, I was amazed that the wealth of material that D.R. Adams had “tossed aside” was viable and desirable as good, quality music. 48 Hours, The Destroyer Sessions, The Suicide Handbook, The Heartbreaker Demos. My roommate, Marty and I would latch onto different albums, for the same reasons. Mainly, there were no reasons.

Marty had cemented this song for me, a few years back, on a road trip to New Haven. It was a few weeks after I had handed him a stack of new music. He popped in the newest latest greatest mix cd into the dashboard player. I think it was called “You Could’ve Looked Better”. This one song came on about 20 minutes down the highway. He said, “This is the best song ever written”.

We were going too fast and had too many things passing through our bloodstream. But being weary and being on the road, and working on what little sleep we could afford between drinking Narragansett tallboys after last call at the Decatur and a midmorning breakfast at the Classic Cafe. That day was ours, and this WAS the greatest, most perfect song ever written. It’s still pretty damn good. Glad I didn’t move to New Haven that fall. Wish I had those times back….

Excerpt taken from: The full, original post from early 2008

Further Reading:


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Deer Tick are a great Providence band

“Deer Tick are a great Providence band”

I don’t get to relish in those words too often. When I can, it needs to be announced. So even when Deer Tick play a sold-out Madison Square Garden some day, I’ll still be advertising the fact that they’re from the biggest little state in the union. With that being said…damn. Why haven’t I seen these guys around? Probably because the best music in Providence is not advertised. Most of the music, for better or for worse, is well under wraps. Hey, with the utter lack of performance space in this city, it’s a challenge to find a place to play. What ends up happening is, bands play in guerilla places, off-the-radar and technically illegal venues; houses, basements, in mills, artist studios, and lofts. When the shows ARE advertised (mostly on blogs), the writers are chastised for allowing the authorities the ability to obtain info on these performances. So, since I moved off of Federal Hill, and shifted my stomping grounds….sadly I don’t hear about a lot of these shows anymore.

SO, Deer Tick, er, John McCauley released an excellent album a short time ago called War Elephant, an alt-country gem heavily rooted in the indie sounds of Modest Mouse, Clap Your Hands, and The Cave Singers. Some really good shit. And coming out of Providence RI. The revolution has arisen again. 1st it was the Talking Heads, then it was Kristen Hersh, Kilgore, and Lightning Bolt. Now it’s The Low Anthem and Deer Tick. Watch out…cuz I’ve got an attitude and an acoustic guitar too…

Ashamed – Deer Tick

Deer Tick – “Art Isn’t Real” at AS220 – Deer Tick – War Elephant [2007]

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Some Newport Folk Festival shows posted on A.D.

Aquarium Drunkard has been so kind to post Jim James’ full set [with guest appearance by M.(ontgomery) Ward], as well as She & Him’s full set [with guest appearance by Mr. James]

Go to and download them while they’re available….cuz they’re real and they’re spectacular.

Aquarium Drunkard presents: Jim James

Aquarium Drunkard presents: She & Him

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