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Wilco architect Jay Bennett releases new album, Whatever Happened I Apologize.

Former Wilco guitarist and blip-maker/knob-turner Jay Bennett has announced the delay of the release of a new album called ‘Kicking at the Perfumed Air’, and in it’s place released what he describes as “a very personal and concise 10-song album called ‘Whatever Happened I Apologize.’ After debating back and forth, I have decided to release ‘Apologize’ first. I am somewhat at a loss for words as to explain why I arrived at this decision, save to say it’s just one of those lonely and private choices one sometimes has to make-in other words, it just felt more like the right album for the time.”

Bennett described the new disc as “stark, stripped down and acoustic based-more so than any other record I have made. I really wanted to capture the simpler and more emotional nature of the songwriting, and I knew that the only way I could do this was to put it together quickly, with no second-guessing and no heavy deliberating about minor details. Consequently I would have to learn to embrace the resultant imperfections-and I have.”

Vocals were all done live with Bennett accompanying on acoustic guitar. “So it has some ‘warts,’ but, in my effort to not forsake integrity for technical perfection, the album ended up feeling more honest, immediate, naked and cohesive to me. I am very proud of presenting myself without my typical voluminous bells and whistles. I am left wondering why I haven’t done this more often in the past.”

From RockProper:

“The relationship between an artist and her tools is a complicated one. The instruments used to turn yourself inside out must be handled carefully. It is a dangerous responsibility to compress a lifetime into one single, frozen moment of color and texture.

She’s more into antiart now and we don’t talk much. But every so often I find myself thinking about all those long afternoons on the lakefront. Listening to the endless dramas of art school, I’d spend hours staring through her black mirror at the landscape of barren trees; her boney fingers working canvas after canvas into a diary of our lives back then.

Her work was simple, direct and courageous. Risking one’s heart on a thin layer of pigment is a hard way to live. I know I couldn’t do it. I kept a couple of her paintings, and I don’t think she knows, but every year it reminds me of the growing distance between now and that younger self, like the cracks in the plaster walls of my first apartment.”

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