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Whiskeytown – Acoustic Radio Sessions

By request, I give you a Whiskeytown compilation containing three live sessions.  Two of them are from radio and the third is a live performance from Charlestown VA.  Hope you enjoy!

Whiskeytown Acoustic Radio Sessions 1997 and 1998

time: 0:24

01- Houses On The Hill
02- Nurse With The Pills
03- Think About Me
04- Somebody Remembers The Roses
05- Inn Town
06- Turnaround

World Cafe
time: 0:18

07- 16 Days
08- Somebody Remembers The Roses
09- Too Drunk To Dream
10- Excuse Me If I Break My Own Heart Tonight
11- Dreams (fleetwood mac cover)

Mountain Stage
time: 0:20

12- Easy Hearts
13- 16 Days
14- Houses On The Hill
15- Inn Town
16- Too Drunk To Dream

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RYAN Adams & the Cardinals – Elizabethtown Sessions [2005]

By request:

1. Cemetery Hill
2. The Sewers At The Bottom Of The Wishing Well
3. Clementine (possibly Madeline?)
4. Everybody Knows
5. When The Wild Wind Blows (or Wild Wind)
6. Dreams Of A Working Class Clown (or Dreams Of The Working Class)
7. Words
8. Lions Of Broadway
9. Who Were We?
10. Willows
11. Lighthouses
12. Saturday Night
13. Everything Dies
14. Two
15. Maps
16. Don’t Get Sentimental On Me
17. Elizabeth Town
18. Elizabeth

Tom Schick, producer of Cardinology, produced these sessions.

Download “The Elizabethtown Sessions”

I’ve never heard of  What is

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Ryan Adams – Extra Cheese [Ghost Of Electricity Alternate Mix]

Today be a Ryan Adams day. To truly make it a Ryan Adams day, I am going to recreate, to the best of my ability, Ryan’s upcoming Extra Cheese EP (using key alternate takes and choice live tracks).

K here goes….

Extra Cheese – Ghost of Electricity Alternate Mix

1. Two – Live in Boston, MA 9/7/2008

2. Blossom – Live in Morgantown, WV 5/17/2007

3. Answering Bell – Live in Jamaica 08/2002

4. Evergreen – Live in Southampton, England 11/22/2008

5. My Love For You Is Real – from the Cowboy Technical Sessions

6. Desire – from the unreleased album 48 Hours

7. Hey There, Mrs. Lovely – Live at the Tressel Tavern, Seattle 9/9/2000

Zip file [17 mb]

No one’s really sure what the EP will truly bring, just yet, but my hopes are for some alternate takes, unheard sessions and key live tracks…sorta what I culled here. It’s not much, and the Lost Highway camp isn’t rolling out the red carpet or anything, but any little bit of new music would be truly welcomed…. and at $3.99, that might just be worth it.

later, TDTD


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Ryan Adams set to release iTunes-only Valentine’s Day EP

Ryan Adams Valentine’s Day EP available on Itunes on 2/10.

Ryan’s best love songs.

Extra Cheese
Answering Bell
My Love For You is Real
Unreleased bonus track Hey There, Mrs. Lovely

Lost Highway


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Ryan Adams and 48 Hours Revisited

In 2001, Ryan Adams made one of the best albums of his career, and never released it. It’s pretty safe to say that its one of my favorite albums that has never seen the light of day. A Youtube-er asked me if I could locate the album for him, and I gladly obliged… so there’s no sense in not sharing with everyone, right?

And the other reason for re-posting, Marty is on his way back to New England, right now, interviewing for a job and hoping to move back east. I’ll be seeing him tomorrow, sharing stories and comparing notes over a tallboy, and some good food at Angelo’s Civita Farnese.

Download the “48 Hours” album at :


Ryan Adams – 48 Hours – Walls
Ryan Adams – 48 Hours – Like The Twilight (Drunk and Fucked Up)


You all know that Ryan Adams is slightly more than a hobby for me. Mangled B-sides and garbled concert clips are Mozart to these ears. One-off web clips are collectors items and treasured additions to my music collection. So when I got a hold of a number of Ryan Adams’ unreleased sessions a while back, (back when trading was done with bubble mailers and postage stamps…..none of this torrent malarkey), as you can imagine, I was amazed that the wealth of material that D.R. Adams had “tossed aside” was viable and desirable as good, quality music. 48 Hours, The Destroyer Sessions, The Suicide Handbook, The Heartbreaker Demos. My roommate, Marty and I would latch onto different albums, for the same reasons. Mainly, there were no reasons.

Marty had cemented this song for me, a few years back, on a road trip to New Haven. It was a few weeks after I had handed him a stack of new music. He popped in the newest latest greatest mix cd into the dashboard player. I think it was called “You Could’ve Looked Better”. This one song came on about 20 minutes down the highway. He said, “This is the best song ever written”.

We were going too fast and had too many things passing through our bloodstream. But being weary and being on the road, and working on what little sleep we could afford between drinking Narragansett tallboys after last call at the Decatur and a midmorning breakfast at the Classic Cafe. That day was ours, and this WAS the greatest, most perfect song ever written. It’s still pretty damn good. Glad I didn’t move to New Haven that fall. Wish I had those times back….

Excerpt taken from: The full, original post from early 2008

Further Reading:


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M. Ward unleashes new video for "Hold Time"

New M. Ward track, “Hold Time” off of his upcoming album, due February 2009

Thanks to Merge Records for this one….but I just cannot help but wonder if they’ve been studying the videos that I’ve personally made… hmmm. Some similar stylistic connections here…

She and Him – You Really Got A Hold On Me [Video] – obvious band connection there, and video has a retro vibe.

Ryan Adams – Walls- [Video] – hmmm, retro stock footage of amusement parks, trains etc…

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Omissions and Regrets…. A Best-of 2008 addendum

Ok, so it’s been a few weeks since I dropped my opinions on the best albums of 2008, and I’m having some issues. There was so much music that was listened to, and loved in the past year….I feel like I’ve misrepresented some great albums.

Now, I’m perfectly content with my top 30. I just feel like some albums just didn’t have a chance in HELL of seeing the top 30, but shouldn’t they be recognized too?? I’m not talking about an honorable mention list or a ‘listened to’ list, I’m talking about collections, reissues, late-bloomers, and a couple that just didn’t have a place to begin with. Here’s a tribute to them…

Bob Dylan – Tell Tale Signs: Bootleg Series Vol 8

There’s no doubting the fact that Bob Dylan’s name exists near the top of the list in terms of songwriting and influence. I mean, his canon of music is exhaustive and exhalted. But Bob hasn’t struck gold with everything he’s recorded. In fact from the time after Oh, Mercy (1989) until the very late nineties, it seemed that he had strayed off the path a little, releasing a string of less-than-stellar albums that left old diehards scratching their heads.

Something happened around the time that Time Out of Mind (1997) was released. Bob had adopted an older, wiser persona, writing about the great American road, and the hardship and characters embedded in it. He followed Time with Love and Theft [2001] and Modern Times [2006].

From this time period Bob has culled an incredible selection of outtakes, demos, reworked and unreleased tracks that just amazed me. Just give a listen to both versions of ‘Mississippi’ for an example of how awe-inspiring a rejected mix can be, and his ‘Can’t Escape From You’ for an example of a song that never found it’s place. I guess I’m glad that this two-disc (or three, if you’re rich) collection has seen the light of day. It’s also nice to see that old man Bob’s trash is also his treasure.

Mississippi – Bob Dylan

Whiskeytown – Stranger’s Almanac

Remember the endless horizon of possibilities ahead for the unwritten history of alt country? There was Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown, and the Jayhawks. There was the residual of punk rock asthetics melded with a southern traditional rock core. When Stranger’s Almanac was born, it became a bellweather of sorts for the potential commercial success and ultimate decline of quote-unquote alt country. This album gets the redux treatment, with some early versions, live tracks, and a nice new sound. Ryan Adams hasn’t sounded this good since.

Inn Town – Whiskeytown

Welcome Wagon – The Welcome Wagon

A great album that satiated my Sufjan Stevens fix in the final months of 2008. While it is a little too overtly religious for my tastes, the music is incredible, and the album plays like a true follow-up to 2005’s Illinoise

He Never Said A Mumblin Word – The Welcome Wagon

Sun Kil Moon – April
Mark Kozelek –
7 Songs Belfast
Mark Kozelek – The Finally EP

Wow, I’m exhausted just typing all of that. Mark, if you’d just slow down maybe I’d have become familiar enough with one of these albums. None of these made my top 30 because I haven’t been hooked…yet. I know it will happen, but it’s gonna be in 2009.

The Light – Sun Kil Moon

Vicki Cristina Barcelona soundtrack

Loved every second of the movie and the soundtrack had a lot to do with that. The soundtrack plays like a Spanish-music primer, with a mish mash of artists and influences. So refreshing. Plus, the movie had Scarlett Johanssen and Penelope Cruz in it. I’ve said to much…I’ve lost your attention.

Barcelona – Giulia y Los Tellarini

Sigur Ros – med..uh…med…ummm… Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

Whatever it’s called, the album is gorgeous. I resisted listening to this for a LONG time, but I’ve caved. It’s really beautiful. It didn’t make my initial cut, primarily because I value lyrics so much, but it should definitely be recognized for what it is, a gentle and haunting album.

Gobbledigook – Sigur Rós

Kasai All-Stars – In the 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into a Swimming Fish and Ate the Head of His Enemy By Magic

best name for an album….ever.

Kasai Allstars are a 25-piece musical collective based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The musicians originally come from five bands, all from the Kasai region, but originating from five different ethnic groups: the Songye, Lulua, Tetela, Luba, and Luntu. Some of these groups have endured conflicting relationships over the centuries, they each have their own culture, their own language and their own musical traditions, which were always thought to be incompatible until these musicians decided to pool their resources and form a “superband”, at the instigation of Belgian producer Vincent Kenis.

This has to be my favorite African album that I’ve heard all year. Many of these musicians have fashioned their own instruments from items they have collected, like the use of the likembe (thumb piano). The sounds that are created are manic, intense and incredible. Sort of like a fever dream, without the fever.

Quick As White – Kasai All-Stars

Drive by Truckers – Brighter than Creation’s Dark

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS – Brighter Than Creations Dark (2008)

The Felice Brothers – The Felice Brothers

Love Me Tenderly – The Felice Brothers

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Lie Down in the Light

So Everyone – Bonnie Prince Billy

And the forgotten about Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy live album…..

Is It the Sea?

New Partner – Bonnie Prince Billy

So there’s a few… I hope you enjoy. It was good to get it off of my chest. I’m such a completist. Except when I actually NEED to complete something…hmm.

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TooDrunkToDream’s Top Ten…wait… Top Thirty of 2008

It’s about time this list came out. I know that alot of lists have already seen daylight, and I’ve certainly been teasing for a while, but the truth is, I’ve discovered so much music this year. Particularly, in the last two months. If I had already written my list, then I probably would have changed my mind 15 times already!

So without further ado:


Best Of 2008
From the top, I give you:

#01 Frightened Rabbit – Midnight Organ FlightThe Midnight Organ Fight album coverImage via Wikipedia

Instantly memorable and entirely unforgettable, Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit create the album of the year for 2008. Midnight Organ Flight displays a young band in full flight, creating layers upon layers of sound, building in each song from sparse until dense.

The Modern Leper
Old Old Fashioned
The Twist
Good Arms vs Bad Arms

#02 Bon IverFor Emma, Forever Ago

Ok, technically a 2007 release, but this gem saw it’s proper release in the winter of 2008. Justin Vernon’s wintry solo debut, created in the wilderness of Wisconsin, stunned the blogosphere in 2007 and just exploded in ’08, with due cause. There’s no argument that Bon Iver has created a creative, mood-filled debut album for the ages.

Re: Stacks
Skinny Love
For Emma

#03 Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes

A CSNY album for the naughties. With hollow, hauntingly beautiful vocals that sound like they were recorded in a tabernacle, the Fleet Foxes are yet another band to land their debut full-length on the best-of 2008 radar.

From Mojo: The sense of wonder in Fleet Foxes’ songs is matched only by the discipline and talent that created this adventurous, evocative record. One which is already shaping up as an album of the year. [July 2008, p.98]

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
White Winter Hymnal
Sun It Rises
Blue Ridge Mountains

#04 The Hold Steady – Stay Positive

“Me and my friends are like
the drums on “Lust for Life.”
We pound it out on floor toms.
Our psalms are sing-along songs.”

Anthemic, energetic, straight-up rock and roll…. words that will ALWAYS describe The Hold Steady, regardless of the album. 2008’s Stay Positive proves that Craig Finn and the boys can continue to bring the substance back to Indie music. This band can’t be marketed, they can’t be sold. Their audience is the disaffected, their selling point is their realism. That will always trump money, advertising and glitz….and that is why I will forever be a devotee to their music.

Constructive Summer
Stay Positive
Lord, I’m Discouraged
Sequestered In Memphis

#05 Santogold – Santogold

A late-bloomer for me this year. Brooklynite Santi White exhibits pop sensibility beyond her years and releases an incredible album full of intelligent, concise electro pop. Drawing comparisons to M.I.A., Santogold blows away 2007’s Kala in inventiveness, hook, and delivery. For further display of her star power, go out and find the Santogold and Diplo mix-tape, Top Ranking, which reimagines her music alongside classics from Aretha, Devo, the B52’s, and Panda Bear.

L.E.S. Artistes
Lights Out
Shove It

#06 Okkervil River – The Stand-Ins

The ‘sequel’ to 2007’s The Stage Names (my #1 of 2007), The Stand-Ins exists in it’s own right. With epic lyrics and whimsical pop music in tune with it’s subject, Will Scheff creates an entire underworld of creatures and characters in his albums. The album always leaves me dying to hear what’s next from Okkervil River, as they move into a new era without bandmate Jonathan Meiburg, who left the band to concentrate on his project, Shearwater.

From “Lost Coastlines”:

And see how that light you love now just won’t shine
There might just be another star that’s high and far in some other sky
We sing, “Is that marionette real enough yet
To step off of that set to decide what her hands might be doing?
Ruining the play, to end the ensuing melee escape.”

Lost Coastlines
Pop Lie
Calling and Not Calling My Ex
Bruce Wayne Campbell Interviewed On The Roof Of The Chelsea Hotel, 1979

#07 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals – Cardinology

With his continued sobriety comes greater focus. I’m not gonna talk
about Ryan’s ability to write and record 3 albums in a year. It’s clear
that he can succeed in writing that quantity of above-average material in that amount of
time, regardless of mental or physical health. It’s possible that it is in the
execution of this material where some of wheels have come off in the
past. With Ryan figuring himself out, and dealing face to face with
issues that, a few short years ago he would have confronted with a
barrage of alcohol and pills, the music has finally met the lyrics. And
with the partnership that Ryan has fostered with his bandmates, the
music that is being produced is intelligently written, beautifully
sung, even-keeled, and, as a result, definitely holds far fewer surprises than most of Ryan’s past output. Neal Casal, Jon Graboff, Brad Pemberton, and
Chris Feinstein are all at the wheel, providing Adams with a new sense
of direction.

The Cardinals have created a Ryan Adams album that is best played, not after a trip to the bar, but after a long road of realized self-destruction and regret.

full Ghost of Electricity review


Crossed-Out Name
Let Us Down Easy
Natural Ghost
Fix It

#08 Dr Dog – Fate

Wow, what’s to say about this album. It’s so easy to listen to. Low-fi songs played simply. Shaggy-beard inducing music with a sense of ease and honesty not found in a lot of music. There’s no pretention here, and in many ways, that’s pervasive of my entire list. I think we see that in Frightened Rabbit, Bon Iver, and Fleet Foxes as well. At times, the music’s influence comes pouring out of its songs, by way of John and Paul, or Rick Danko and The Band. As lead singer, Scott “Taxi” McMicken, writes in “The Old Days”:

Let go of the old ones
We’ve got some new ones
Hold on to the good stuff
And let go and get real tough


The Old Days
100 Years
Hang On

#09 Girl Talk – Feed The Animals

Who needs a DJ when we have chop-shop artist Greg Gillis, a/k/a Girl Talk? Greg creatively used 300 samples to reimagine over a dozen songs, mixing 80’s, 90’s and 00’s hip hop, rap, and grunge rock into something so imaginitively unique you’ll have to dissect it for yourself. Here’s your chance. Find “Here’s The Thing” in the IMeem playlist and follow along. Try not to incite a party. I dare you.

Here’s the Thing:

0:01 Chicago – Saturday in the Park
0:01 Quad City DJs – C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)
0:29 The Bucketheads – The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
0:36 ? and the Mysterians – 96 Tears
1:05 Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone
1:16 Nine Inch Nails – Wish
1:45 MC Hammer – Too Legit to Quit
2:08 Blur – Song 2
2:13 V.I.C. – Get Silly
2:13 George Harrison – Got My Mind Set On You
2:19 Elvis Costello – Pump It Up
2:20 Shawty Lo – Dey Know
2:34 Rogue Traders – Voodoo Child
3:01 Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks
3:13 The Prodigy – Firestarter (which samples “Close (To The Edit)” by Art of Noise)
3:14 Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl
3:21 Chris Brown featuring T-Pain – Kiss Kiss
3:21 James Nasty – You So Hawt
3:47 Veruca Salt – Seether
3:52 Nelly Furtado – Maneater
3:52 Three Six Mafia – I’d Rather
4:12 Looking Glass – Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)
4:35 Dude N’ Nem – Watch My Feet

Standouts: Play track one….keep listening. repeat.

#10 The Black Keys – Attack & Release

Pitchfork mentioned that after 4 full length albums, The Black Keys were destined to live in the shadow of The White Stripes. Of course, that description is immediately flawed and unfair (as Pitchfork noted….), but when it seemed that Pat Carney and Dan Auerbach were facing a creative brick wall (after several great but similar albums), along came Dangermouse. Better known for his hip-hop collaborations and as one-half of strange-hop Gnarls Barkley, Dangermouse lends a heavy hand in steering the production of Attack & Release into uncharted territories for the band. The name of the record is brilliant. It describes the ebb and flow of song production here. We have vintage, assaulting Keys (“Strange Times”) surrounded by slower tracks (“All I Ever Wanted”) that allow for the absorption of the music, all exhibiting a breath of fresh air from a band that will NOT go down while lurking in the wake of The White Stripes. No, this band has emerged from the hallows and has yet to hit it’s full peak.


All I Ever Wanted
Strange Times

#11 MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

Infectious, Intelligent, and FUN! I didn’t WANT to like this album…it came SO naturally…


Time To Pretend
Electric Feel

#12 Old Crow Medicine Show – The Tennessee Pusher

The album of their lives. This is their breakout, and it’s nearly flawless. They’ve proven that the bluegrass moniker isn’t one to be typecast… just listen to the Exile On Main Street influence dripping out of “Highway Halo”. And “Caroline”…what can i say about the sesibilities of that song….short, succinct, country-blues backporch genius. I wish Gram Parsons were alive to hear what OCMS have created in 2008.


Highway Halo

#13 She and Him – Vol. 1

M. Ward plus Zooey Deschanel equals an album that hasn’t left my cd player for months. “She” is always there to offer comfort simply by opening her mouth and “Him” gives me chills with his wise-beyond-his-years guitar work. I can’t wait for Vol. 2. Please hurry, I need my Zooey.


Change Is Hard
Sentimental Heart

#14 Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend

Successfully merging african poly-rhythms with the NYC indie music scene? Successfully done and Fun, Fun, Fun. Who gives a fuck about the Oxford Comma? I do…..I DO, SIR!


Oxford Comma
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

#15 MY Morning Jacket – Evil Urges

Here’s the thing…this would have been in the top ten if it weren’t for a few tracks. I’ve got a bone to pick with the (mostly) excellent Evil Urges. The second half (let’s say 2/3’s) of this album plays out like a dream…. somnabulent and lilting, absolutely beautiful. Nice light touches in the guitar sections and the drums are often genius. Nothing is overbearing here and each track feels like it’s been tailored to be an “anti-Z” or at least a departure from MMJ’s monster of a last album. The vision here defies the convention that seems to hang over the band’s heads, that expectation that Jim James and Co. will produce the next huge rock album. And I praise them for not making that album. But the handful of tracks that are front and center on this album are diametrically opposed to the rest of the album, destroying any sort of ebb and flow on Evil Urges. Take those away and what we have here is a nice departure for MMJ, a quiet album that went in the opposite direction from which the band was expected to go. I can’t wait to hear them back on track.


Aluminum Park
Sec Walkin
Smokin From Shootin
I’m Amazed

And…..the rest (sort-of in order):

16 The Avett Brothers – The Second Gleam
17 Jenny Lewis – Acid Tounge
18 Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Part 1 (Fourth World War)
19 Conor Oberst – Conor Oberst
20 Black Mountain – In The Future
21 The Raconteurs – Consolers of the Lonely
22 Ron Sexsmith – Exit Strategy For the Soul
23 Lucinda Williams – Little Honey
24 Beach House – Devotion
25 Shearwater – Rook
26 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
27 Foxboro Hot Tubs – Stop Drop and Roll
28 Kings of Leon – Only By The Night
29 Blitzen Trapper – Furr
30 Mudcrutch – Mudcrutch


1) TV on the Radio – Dear Science: 1st track is great, and the rest of them…..not so much at all.

2) of Montreal – Skeletal lamping : I don’t know…. I just felt it was a hot mess of an album.

3) Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – Real Emotional Trash : Meh. LOVED the first three albums and this one had NO hook whatsoever.

4) Times New Viking – Rip It Off : I got through about 3 songs. I need some bass. WAAAAy too much treble going on. If I wanted to listen to a vacuum cleaner….I’d vacuum.

5) Cold War Kids – Loyalty to Loyalty : Sophomore slump. Get back in the studio guys and gimme something with as much passion and feeling as your first album.

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I got DRUNK, and lost my blog

Last night, I apparently was on a mission.

A mission to tweak my blog

and add in some FeedFlares, those STUPID little things at the bottom of the posts.

What happened at 3 am when I attempted to mess with html?

WELL, I erased my template… it’s gone. And, for what backups are worth, I already deleted the three previous backups just a week ago. I thought they were taking up space. They were annoying me, so I deleted them. Oh and the “backup” that I took last night before I finally retired to sleep? Yeah, that wasn’t a backup, that was a saved version of an xml file of a basic template….the same template that I woke up this morning to find plastered on my page, instead of the wide-columned, custom-colored, personalized version that I had grown to love, through the trial-and-error sweat-and-tears that is html for me. Fuck me with a pitchfork. I got drunk and got HTML-goggles.

Well, after some soul searching, and freaking out, I found out that Blogger saves ONE version in it’s archives. Un-fuck me with a pitchfork….Ten minutes ago, I found my template. Well, it’s not totally the same. But I dodged a bullet. I’ll take it.

So, in honor of me drunkenly losing (and soberly, subsequently finding) my blog: here’s a couple of fitting songs….

Johnny Cash – from ‘American II: Unchained’ – The Kneeling Drunkard’s Plea.mp3

Willard Grant Conspiracy – from ‘Everything’s Fine’- Drunkards Prayer.mp3

Uncle Tupelo – from ‘Anthology 89-93’ – I Got Drunk.mp3

The Shit (Ryan Adams) – from ‘Hillbilly Joel’ – Drunk As A Pile of Fuck.mp3

The Shit (Ryan Adams) – from ‘Hillbilly Joel’ – Drunk And In Jail For Arson.mp3

The Shit (Ryan Adams) – from ‘Hillbilly Joel’ – Drunk As Hell Again.mp3

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One slightly pissed off caveman…

Caveman : “Dude, that totally sucks, man. I was totally gonna smoke that”

World’s oldest marijuana stash totally busted (link)

Two pounds of still-green weed found in a 2,700-year-old Gobi Desert grave

Nearly two pounds of still-green plant material found in a 2,700-year-old grave in the Gobi Desert has just been identified as the world’s oldest marijuana stash, according to a paper in the latest issue of the Journal of Experimental Botany.

A barrage of tests proves the marijuana possessed potent psychoactive properties and casts doubt on the theory that the ancients only grew the plant for hemp in order to make clothing, rope and other objects.

They apparently were getting high too. (cont.)

ryan adams – black clouds – 03 the drugs not working (original mix).mp3

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