Too Drunk To Dream

…ain’t no drinking when the bottle’s dry…

NPR picks Top 10 "Smart Rock" albums, Jameson needs to shuffle his own list some….

In lieu of a potential plagiarism accusation, Jameson may have to re-evaluate his soon-to-be-released/yet-to-be-finalized best of 2008 list.

From NPR : Not Art Rock: Top 10 ‘Smart Rock’ Albums of 2008

There’s indie rock. And then there’s indie rock in horn-rimmed glasses. Not quite art rock, but “smart rock.” According to the lexicographers at Urban Dictionary, smart rock is:

“…music that appeals to a discerning, educated audience … often mellow yet complex … the antonym of “dude rock.

“Instead of studying their AP English Literature homework, William and Sara made out to Smart rock on the couch.”

The only ‘smart’ thing about me is my love of Smart Rock…..

I’ve gonna go. I gotta swing by the library and drop some Decemberists lyrics on some college girls.

Okkervil River – from ‘The Stand-Ins’ – Calling and Not Calling My Ex.mp3
The Hold Steady – from ‘Stay Positive’ – Slapped Actress.mp3
Shearwater – from ‘Rook’ – The Snow Leopard.mp3

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