Too Drunk To Dream

…ain’t no drinking when the bottle’s dry…

The Avett Brothers @ Byrne’s Pub, Columbus oHIo July 20th, 2005

“I see the end of the rainbow, but what more is a rainbow,
 than colors out of reach?
 If you come down to my window, and I climb out my window
 then we’ll get out of reach”     
                                         – The Avett Bros. “Swept Away”

The Avett Brothers
2005.07.20 Byrne’s Pub, Columbus, OH

Source: SBD > Sony D-8
Transfer: Unknown

1. Pretty Girl From Annapolis
2. Please Pardon Yourself
3. At The Beach
4. Pretend Love
5. A Lover Like You
6. SSS
7. Pretty Girl From Raleigh
8. Pretty Girl From Matthews
9. Distraction #74
10. Left On Laura, Left On Lisa
11. Old Joe Clarke
12. Pretty Girl At The Airport
13. Nothing Short of Thankful
14. Swept Away

Disc 2
1. Wanted Man
2. New Love Song
3. Pretty Girl From Cedar Lane
4. Sixteen In July
5. Salvation Song
6. Hesitation Blues
7. I Killed Sally’s Lover

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Download the entire show in 256 kb mp3 quality from here:

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Avett Brothers – St. Joseph’s (on a gondola in Jackson Hole, WY)

You can find St. Jospeh’s on 2008’s The Second Gleam, which you can also find….


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Make sure my sister knows I loved her

The Avett Brothers – Murder in the City

This album (The Avett Brothers The Second Gleam ep) was definitely one of the most listened to recordings in my catalog this year. If you’re not familiar…. do yourself a favor and hit play.

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The record on stop, man, the record on GO.

From the road, on the bus… The Avett’s (and friends) performing Will You Return?

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And you, you send my life a whirling…

The Avett Brothers – Swept Away (live)

…and what more is tomorrow, than another day…

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