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Honey-Oat Infused Vodka

This is just gonna be a genius idea for Christmas.

I just got done infusing my very first bottle of vodka. I read about a restaurant/bar in my area that had infused their own vodka and were serving it as their signature winter drink. They gave the recipe for the vodka in the magazine, and, since it was real easy, I figgered even I could do it. And I did. And it’s DAMN delicious…..

Honey Oat Infusion

1. Bought a 750 ml bottle of Svedka Vodka. Nothing too fancy, but defininitely not cheap.

2. Poured out a little bit (probably a cup) of vodka and kept it in a separate container, so I could have room enough for the ingredients, and to pour back in after a couple of days when the infusion was done and ingredients were out of the bottle.

3. Mixed in 2 cups of oats (I used standard Quaker Oats oatmeal [not instant])

4. Mixed in 3/4 of a cup of honey (SueBee clover honey)

5. Let it sit for 4 days stirring or shaking every day [which looks really cool, btw]

6. Filtered out the ingredients by dumping everything into my coffee press and straining. Some people use paper towels or coffee filters to filter out the little bits. My ingenious way worked perfectly and effortlessly, and, since the oats soaked up quite a bit of juice, the press was able to extract a lot of the vodka out]

The results were an orange-ish concoction that tasted incredible. My fiancee said it was like drinking granola.

The advertised drink was called [grumble] “The Land of Oat and Honey” which is delicious. I’ve also heard it called a Quaker Shaker [ugh].

The Land Of Oat And Honey

  • 2 Oz. house-infused honey oat vodka
  • A splash of cream or soy milk

Serve on the rocks. granish with a cinnamon stick [Yeah right….i put cinnamon on top, out of the jar…..]

-courtesy of Brian Oakley at Julian’s at 318 Broadway, Providence, RI


-so, I’m thinking of doing some infusing in the next week to give as novel (and useful….) Christmas gifts. Has anyone had any other exxperience with infusions? Vodka, Gin, whatever? Post ’em up!

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