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PHiSH – 12/11/1997 Rochester War Memorial [SBD]

My love for Phish is well documented. But truthfully, it’s a love/hate relationship.  I think that a large percentage of Phish heads will tell you the same.  We thrive in the glow of the good moments, when the music is heavenly and transcendent, and stick it out through the bad, because we know that just around the corner, out of nowhere will pop up some amazing shit. Very eloquent, I know.  One of those basking in the glow moments, for me, was their show from Rochester, NY in December 1997.  The first set is great.  But the real treat, for me, is the entire 5-star second set.  Sit back, take a breather, and be prepared to take flight.

12-11-97 War Memorial, Rochester, NY

Set 1:
01 Punch You in the Eye->
02 Down With Disease->
03 JAM->
04 Maze
05 Dirt
06 Limb By Limb
07 Loving Cup
08 Rocky Top

Set 2:

01 Drowned ->
02 Roses Are Free*->
03 Big Black Furry Creature From Mars->
04 Ghost->
05 Down With Disease (Reprise)-> Johnny B. Goode
06 E: Waste

*Ween cover, from their “Chocolate and Cheese” album (first time played)

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